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1st time visitor to Melbourne.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rourkster, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. I have just arrived home from my first trip to Melbourne after flying down with my wife for the last 2 Robbie Williams concerts. I must say Melburnians that I was very impressed with your city. We stayed at the Ibis in Therry Street and spent our first few hours on a City Loop tram exploring the city. It was very easy to get around compared with Sydney and appeared to be a lot cleaner. Enjoyed AFL World, even though I'm a leaguie, and wanted to eat half of the Queen Victoria Markets produce. Wife enjoyed DFO and Myer and the Telstra Dome was awesome. Didn't make it to the MCG, but had a few ales at Crown whilst watching the Ashes being reclaimed on Monday and then did a pub crawl with wife's cousin's hubby along Swanston Street. What's the go though with these "pots" you guys drink? 280mls?? Sheesh, I was getting plenty of exercise walking to the bar for refills and they had the hide to charge me $3.50 each time! Schooners up here (375mls) only cost $3.40!!
    Anyway, we're coming back down again in February and heading out to Sale to be god parents. Taking our kids this time and they can't wait to see Melbourne. Congrats on a great city.

  2. they drink beer in smaller glasses in order to make themselves look bigger.......

    :p :p :p :bolt:
  3. Will be a whole new/different experience in Sale compared to Melbourne City. :LOL: :grin:
  4. So I've been told. I'll take a flannelette shirt with me. :LOL:
  5. & don't forget the mocassins otherwise you may get mugged for whatevers on ya feet. :LOL:
  6. Sh!t aint that the truth. :LOL: And dont forget the old daggie trackie dacks. Real fashion statement down there.
  7. That's a bit rich, coming from someone who calls Mulwala home!
    I'd guess those putting sh1t on Sale haven't stopped there longer than it takes to buy petrol and Macdonalds.

    Moe, on the other hand..... :p
  8. I think you'll find that real men drink pints :p
  9. LMAO :LOL: you my dear obviously havnt been up here during this time of year. Main sport by men is drinkin, pervin, boat watching, pervin on the boats occupants, pervin, drinkin :LOL: get the picture.

    And for the ladies there not left out either, some nice eye candy walkin around.

    Flannelette shirts, mocassins & trackie dacks have been outlawed here. If I want to see them walkin on streets have to go Sale, Moe etc :LOL:

    Lighten up its all in fun. ( oh i can hear it now, let it begin )
  10. The best thing that ever came out of Mulwala was the Murray River.......

    However, they do have the Annual Murray Cod Classic.... :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  11. not me .. i don't touch it unless it's a pint and black in colour..... prefferably made in ireland :grin: :beer: :beer:
  12. +1
  13. +1[/quote]

    nothing better than a pint... although mine were usually cider :)
  14. It is funny you should mention that, but my first call is usually Balmers
  15. Pffft.

    Have you people never heard of a Stein??? 1litre of pure unadulterated pissedness... :grin:
  16. At least they stay cold!

    Newcastle oh how I loved living there, even I looked sophisticated!! :LOL: :LOL:
  17. can't say as I have had Balmers... mercury draught/sweet/extra strong down here is the go... and - to get back slightly on topic... PJ O'Briens in Melbourne used to have Scrumpy on tap... - happy days!
  18. I must've been in the wrong pubs 'cos all I could get were these bloody expensive pots. I would've gladly drunk pints all night.
    On another note, I did enjoy doing the bike strip along Victoria Street is it? Can't remember, but there were about 6-8 bike shops in close proximity to each other - Peter Stevens, Harley Heaven, Mars Leathers, some Kwaka place etc etc. The wife had trouble dragging me away. And it was a joy to watch bikes being ridden up onto the footpath and parked there with n'er a raised eye from passing pedestrians who happily moved aside. Up here, that'd get you a gobful of abuse & a quick visit from the local council ticket gestapo.
  19. Mmmm Mercury. remember when you could by scrumpy in a jug with a handle on it, Baxter Tavern used to sell them in the bottle shop :beer:
  20. Thats Elizabeth St. I work across the road from there, it's so tempting to run across the road and spend stupid amounts of money - the only thing stopping me is knowing I have to save my money for boring things like food