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1st Time on the Putty

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Levih, May 16, 2010.

  1. So I rode the Putty for the first time today.

    Surprisingly it was quite easy.

    The first real twistie adventure I took on was the Old Pacific and had an experienced rider with me to teach me cornering to an extent.

    I used that experience on the putty and had a blast.

    Is this one of the easier roads out of the bunch?


  2. Putty IS easy as long as, like any other roads, you treat it with respect. The real problem with the Putty is that there is a long, boring section in the middle that you have to endure in order to get to the fun bits. Fun at the start, boring in the middle, fun at the end. The 10 mile is great once you get your head around it and don't over-ride it.
  3. Easy? Boring? Putty Road?! [-(
  4. about 150 k's long and of that maybe 25 of that is enjoyably twisty. yes I'd say boring is a good adjective for the putty as a whole.
  5. The place is a ****ing temple, heathens. You need to worship faster.
  6. Well, let me see. Given that I've been riding the Putty since 1974 and driving it since 1970, I'd say that I'm entitled to have an opinion about it. The Colo is great, the 10 mile is great and the rest of it is just a means of getting there. It's certainly no temple. I can name half a dozen roads that beat the Putty hands down.
  7. Go faster and it'll answer your own question...Really...you can take the worst road in the world and negotiate it safely if you travel at the right speed.
  8. Please ride the Putty more times than once before passing judgment, not that I want to spoil your enjoyment of it. I wouldn't want you to take it for granted and end up somewhere in the bushes, as many, many riders have done, many of them, more experienced than you.
  9. Don't misunderstand me, please. I love the "entertaining" parts of the Putty. Monstering the 10 mile is a joy. I just don't think that the amount of time that you have to spend to GET there and the amount of "transport" stages that you have to endure to get to the good bits make it rank highly on my list.
  10. What are your favourites areound Sydney ?
  11. I think he was speaking in more general terms, the Oxley, etc, for example. Macquarie Pass is a great road, but some riders might consider it too far away from Sydney to be local, even though it's closer than the Putty :LOL:.
  12. Have to agree with RC36, having rode the length of the putty once, it just seemed to be, just another road.
    The long and boring middle, doesn't help to make the twisty ends any more pleasurable.
    Definately would not be going the length again, just for the sake of it.
    Up to Colo and back is enough to see what it can offer....
  13. Old Pacific Hwy from Berowra, Wollombi, Broke, 10mile on the Putty and then back again makes it more interesting.

    To the OP, you can go around a race track in safety and comfort - it's when you try to go faster that you discover the hazards.
  14. Well it would, if the bog-rats didn't have the road closed north of Wollombi (it was last time I was up there).
  15. My "half dozen" includes roads that are further away, of course, and I DO sympathise with riders from Sydney who have to grind through an hour or more of gridlock just to GET to a nice road to ride. I'm lucky that I have the Pass, Cambewarra, Barrengarry, etc, right on my door step.
  16. hey where was my invite? :p

    It depends what you mean by hard. The 'good' bits are up there with the most rewarding roads around. Old pac and the nasho fall in the same boat. They are technical, but they all have great surfaces and are well sign posted. If you go through there at the speed limit or even a little over it's not really a big challange.

    Then theres roads like the roads going out to wollombi (where D1300 was saying to go) that connect the putty to the old road. Another favourite of mine is wiseman's ferry (the north side) and janolan caves. I don't consider these roads as rewarding to ride but they are a real challange. They all have much worse surface, they're dangerously narrow, badly signposted, they have bits of gravel in places and are often slippery along the edges. You have to take super tight lines incase a car comes flying around the blind corner hogging the road. You can still really fly through there but its completely different to the more racetrack like roads.

    EDIT: (Not that any road is a racetrack of course!)
  17. Completely agree, I love the ten mile section and have done the putty occasionally just to get there. But given it takes over three hours for me to get there, it's not going to be a weekly occurence. The 5 or so k's around Colo are not much respite.
  18. memories, memories, I learned to ride in the Ten Mile, and lived on 50kms from it, at the top end <sigh>
  19. I like all your opinions
  20. Depends where you are in Syd, though.

    I'm north of the water, so it's an hr and a half to the putty, or about 2 and a half to Mac pass if I take the Fwy, and that's a tiring trip.

    Sportsbike riders love the putty because they don't tour the length of it, methinks (they just set up base camp near the best corners and muck around there like at PITS).