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1st Spring Ride for the season

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Charmed, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. Ahhhh celebrate the 1st day of spring with a ride.

    Beautiful weather, hubby had day off, so we headed for Shepp.
    Wind was a biatch on the way home, but that nothing new round here.

    :LOL: Mr Charmed just couldnt help himself, lost count on how many bikes he tagged with the promo cards.
  2. Decided it was such a lovely day outside I went for a leisurely ride along Beach Rd. Went from Keysborough down through Mordialoc to South Rd and back via Old Dandy Rd to Keysborough. Not much traffic on Beach Rd apart from all the treadlies out.

    The wind was blowing me all over the place but I kept the speed down to below the limit and there were no hassles.

    A lovely lunchtime ride.

  3. I "had to" go out today and scrub in a new front tyre. Was a horrible day out up here, 25 degrees, sunny, no wind at all, light traffic, winding back roads. Just terrible.
    Did a couple of little mods to the bike earlier this week, and with the new front tyre, it's just fantastic. Confidence in the bike is way up there now.
    Yep, I had a really bad hour or so on the bike this morning!

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. well i spent the whole day at work - only got to ride to work because i couldnt be bothered taking the push bike.

    Well it will be a great 12.5km ride home on the freeway.

    Weekend doesnt look fantastic though. Be safe people!
  5. mm, 27 degrees predicted for my neck of the woods tomorrow, and with the bike service finished by midday, the second day of spring should be ushered in with a celebratory blast up Macquarie Pass and beyond