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1st sports bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by guilty, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Well after months of working weekends I finally saved up enough for my first sports bike, I've been riding most of my life and have always had a itch to get one and now my day has come.

    I have one problem....... unfortunately I have 6 weeks left on my RE license [-(

    Apparently I can ride my new toy with a responsible adult with a full license? can anyone help me please? I've been riding most of my life so it wont feel like baby sitting,(although I will be getting used to a sports bike so I will be taking it easy!)

    Anyway enough rambling here's a pic

  2. Just ride it sensibly and don't get caught ;) I was on my ST3R a month before I was on my opens :D
  3. If you're in WA then I believe that is the case

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  4. Congrat's - Bike is a beauty! If I was a Brisbane-ite I'd help ya out but you should be pretty right if ya take it easy till you upgrade. :)
  5. I more of a naked sport man myself but I must admit.....that bike is a stunner!

    Enjoy mate (y)
  6. Gorgeous bike, can't wait to get off my restrictions and get one myself. May you enjoy many days of ripping up the roads with it!
  7. Just got back from a ride couldn't help myself!! Biggest Grin now well worth the wait, thanks for the
  8. Nice bike love a black sporty !!!
  9. Congrats mate, I did the same thing bought mine 6 weeks before I was off my restrcitions...longest wait ever.
  10. I'll come ride with you. Where do you want to go and when?
  11. @kneedragon cool thanks mate i'm free sat till 3ish (if its not raining hard!) maybe the local spots nebo-glorious and the like? but also open for other suggestions

  12. beautiful, Have the same bike since november and it will in no way disappoint and should never give you grief...except when the battery decides to die lol, how many Ks thinking of customizing anything?
  13. 16000ks serviced,new tyres and rego. will def do mods but not until cash flow comes up again, really like the look of the jardine slip on thats on the list for sure! but just going to enjoy it stock for now
  14. haha, same Ks i got mine at too, did 5000ks (mostly leisure riding) in 2 months and then got the service and value clearances n what not, my mate has the the jardine and it sounds very beefy and looks tough, but not my style i'm a big fan of the Akra systems and would like to replace my yoshi with one
  15. To be honest I have only seen a pic of the Jardine, I will do some serious research when I get closer to purchase.

    How were the valve clearances? read too many forums before buying and got myself a bit paranoid about valves,shims and cam chain rattles

    Where are you located?
  16. yeh the valve clearances were fine, the guys that i have always got my services done said it was one of the tidiest and well kept bike they'd seen, so thank you previous owner.

    i'm over in victoria and dunno where Nundah is so im guessing far, hahaha, else we could hit those streets
  17. My suggestion would be to not ride it until your allowed to ride it, if you get caught the wait would be close to unbearable....................................

    BUT its easier said than done, and i would most likely get the same temptations soon enough :).................................