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1st Solo ride in the traffic

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by aussieak, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Mount Waverley to Caulfield South and return after a cupper. Bit of freeway train tracks tram tracks right hand crossing over them and riding with them(thanks Matt).
    No hand cramping (thank you Sat learner sessions mentors and Netrider gang) and slowly getting those corners a lot smoother.
    And the ninja felt really nice today after its wash and chain lube (thank you goddie).
    So I felt good and I owe 99% to all the netrider folk so thank you.

  2. =D> Well done.
  3. Good work neighbour.
  4. Well done!
  5. Congrats, you are obviously proud and you should be! Keep growing and keep posting.
  6. Thanks guys. yep proud as.
  7. mate, you make US proud cause you got on with it and did it for yourself !! [ok and for us lol]
    keep doing the little trips before you know it you'll be going out for a 'little' spin and clock up a couple of hundred clicks!!
    See you sat morn? or have you got the duties this weekend?
  8. oh no I will be there. I need someone to spot me and get those U turns happening I am still a little uneasy about the harder turns.
  9. ahh man, awesome :D

    I remember my first ride out... The only thing now is it keeps on getting better!!! :D
  10. Onya mate !!! nice and steady and ride within your limits. As I heard Doug say one time "i would rather be known as a slow rider, than remembered as a fast one"
  11. I'm curious, how many people build up their confidence first before riding in traffic, before riding technical roads, etc. And how many people just get out there and do it? Personally, when I bought my first bike, a 50cc scooter (bad choice I know) I went straight out in traffic when I first picked it up, had barely even gotten my L's yet. My dad did escort me though. Within two months I got sick of the 50cc and went a bought a brand new Sachs Express (smarter than the 50cc scooter but still not that smart) and took it straight out on the freeway at 100kph in traffic. Had barely even ever seen 80km/h on the 50cc and even only ever saw that going full pelt down a hill.
    Am I as dumb as a bag of nails for even considering doing all of that (bike choices aside) or am I courageous? Fine line between brave and stupid?
  12. Well Done!

    But ONLY 99%. Why not 100%? :D
  13. Well he's got to give a little credit to himself!!
  14. Speak to Doug or me at practice.
  15. Shall do
  16. Good work!

    I too have to do a lot of work on my U turns this saturday.

    My plan was to take it easy and spend a few weeks in back streets and stuff.

    That didn't really happen since I had to get the bike from Bundoora to Vermont when I bought it.
  17. Well thats because the other 1% comes form one of my work mates and brother in law.

    Thank you to all other suportive comments.
  18. I think it was 3 days for me.
    Day one around the block for an hour the only main road would have like 1 car comming the opposite side.
    Day 2 made larger blocks and started on a main road(high St) Day 3 1st longish road to Cheltenham following someone and getting tips and reminding me to turn my indicator off. This was full peak hour stop start. with a bit of freeway home.
    Day 4 with chicken78 to riding school.
    I think because of my driving experince (cars,taxis limos, trucks and emergency response trucks(SES with sirens and lights training) traffic was never and issue more bike control. Traffic just does not phaze me
  19. Awesome work aussieak! Glad you and the Ninja are getting to know each other :D

    Conceptually, this thread is also absolutely awesome. A new rider, gaining experience and confidence through the time and effort of NetRider and its members - hey I know I get a ton out of NR.....

    Keep up the good work and the great attitude (y)
  20. Thanks mate. Sure will. Enjoying the riding thats for sure