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1st sevrice

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by conan, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. i booked my bike in for its 1st service for next week at bikebiz in parra( where i bought the bike from, how much would this cost becuae stupid me forgot to ask them hahaha

  2. its generally just a oil and filter change but could cost anywhere between $100-$200
  3. ahh cool , thanks
  4. mate your best to go ing and ask for a written quote that way they cant screw you over
  5. Do not pay more than 200!! esp for minor service
  6. dont go sydney city motorcycles. they are a rip off.
  7. whys that ? care to explain?
  8. make a couple of calls, ask for prices and you will have your answer
  9. ahh ok , not that im going there anyhoo, there shops are a bit out of my way, and yeah the bike is going back to where i bought it from( bike biz parramatta)so no worries there
  10. Precisely. And dont take their word for it.
  11. got the bike back today , ended up costing me 300 bucks , not too bad i guess