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1st Set of Leathers - advice?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jimmythehuman, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. I am buying a VTR250 and a full set of safety gear (as soon as i can find right bike) and was wondering if there are any tips for new players?

    I live Mornington Peninsula (Melbourne) so its hot as in Summer and pretty cold in winter. Winter is longer than Summer.

    I saw the other thread on wearing a leather jacket on rides, well i am more than happy to wear all the gear every ride. But which gear should i get?

    Leather pants, leather jacket, boots and gloves and of course a lid ? Or do some folks wear denim jeans with some special reinforcing? Are these just as safe for new players? Or go for full leathers?

    Any brands to stay clear of? I really am more interested in safety than cost or appearance.

    What sort of money should be max for each item?
  2. Hi Jimmy, I commute to the city from Langwarrin every weekday and have found that leather is not that practicle for me. I have a full set of leathers (jacket and pants that zip together) but only wear them when I get a chance to ride on the weekends in cooler weather.

    Instead I have two DriRider jackets, an old sport model with two warm liners and a new DriMesh that is great for hot days. The liners of the DriMesh are normally zipped together and I wear them under the vented shell for the ride in and then leave them in the bag for the ride home.

    Pants, I have a 10 year old quilted pair of DriRiders and a new pair of Motodry summer pants. Gloves 3 pairs of DriRiders as they suit the shape of my hand well and i have never had a problem with quality.

    With the armor that you can get in non-leather clothing these days there is no need to go for leather if you don't want to, but sometimes it is personal taste.

    Make sure that you are comfortable in the heat and the cold as fatigue is much greater on a bike than when driving a car.
  3. Have to agree with Rick on this, as much as we talk about getting the best gear (and that's still important) you also need to get the best gear FOR YOUR NEEDS.
    Have a chat with Loz, too, he's got a Joe Rocket summer-weight jacket and he loves it.......
  4. I am from Langy too :)

    I wont be riding into the city very often, at least not for work. I dont know what DriRider gear is, is it protective? or only weather protection?

    I dont mind going for leathers, as i wont be using the bike as a daily driver. Most likely drive to work (i wear a suit during the week).

    On the other hand i dont intend to try and become any kind of road racing maniac, so i guess i can do with out the 3 colour 1 piece racing suit :) i was thinking all black - but then i guess there is a vision safety issue as well?

    Ta i will. Be honest i would rather have leather jacket and wear 2 Ts under it in winter and open the vents in summer. I am not a cold person and only ever wear Ts all year round (i dont own jumpers etc)

    Hi Loz, are you Ozquake Loz?
  5. I think it depends how resistant you are to heat. I have only been riding for 2 weeks but Melbourne has been bloody hot, lots of 30+ days and I don't have problems with full gear including leather gloves, RJAYs leather pants, and an Underdog summer leather jacket which is pretty heavy except for the gauze vent strips in the sides, and DriRider boots.

    I have worn full gear everytime I ride, sure it takes a minute or two longer to get out the door and I get a bit hot at the lights but I personally don't find it to be that much of a big deal!
  6. All I can say is...
    Save for a great set of leathers!
    Me, and other mates have all regretted not getting something like dainese, spidi, etc for a first set of leathers.
    Not only are they more protective, nicer quality leather, breathe better in hot weather, etc... but also will last allot longer and also look better.
    Plus you will feel better being in some good quality gear so ultimately ride safer/better.

    Finally, when you upgrade your bike and realise you will want the best gear for faster speeds, you will already have it!

    Good luck finding the right leathers for you...

  7. Get your Netrider membership and then use it to save yourself $$ with leather purchases from one of the Netrider partners leathers businesses :) Good quality leather gear, custom fitted, and great pricing with your Netrider membership. Around $700 for a custom fitted/made leather suit from these businesses
  8. i personally wasn't that impressed with my dainese leathers in comparison to my cheaper ones, ended up selling the dainese set. the leather feels much better on the RM ones, quality is right up there. only complaint is the liner was silky smooth in the dainese ones and its not as nice in the RMs.

    for a learner, i'd suggest just getting a basic set of texiles to start with, then move onto leather when the time comes for you to start hammering a bit :wink:

    get the helmet that fits and feels the best
    grab a short summer cordura jacket, vented or unvented.
    grab a decent set of summer leather gloves
    grab a pair of riding boots (not just work boots etc.)
    and grab a pair of draggin jeans (or similar) if you want a little more protection than denim

    when it gets colder, go shopping again.
    grab a nice long warm jacket
    grab a pair of lined cordura daks
    grab a pair of winter gloves

    and by the next summer you'll be all ready to race around more and you'll know a thing or two about fitting and features so then you go out and get those leathers you wanted. what you end up with is a full wardrobe ready for any kind of riding you might need to do. trying to get one set of gear to do everything doesn't work, and if you shop around, completing the set isn't that expensive.

    IMO, textile is better for learners. its comfier, lighter, cooler and warmer when it needs to be. much easier to get the hang of riding in it.
  9. I've got an RJays jacket, a set of guantlet gloves and draggin jeans for everyday riding to and from work. I then bought two piece IXON leathers, $350 for the pants and $400 for the jacket. Leathers are comfortable but a pain in the bum to wear on the everyday commute. Leathers get a run if going on a decent journey. In the hot weather, for the commute wear the leather jacket and the draggin jeans.
  10. If you change your mind and start using your bike to drive to work, I commute and wear a suit as well and found a two piece outfit most practical. To look half respectable I couldn't wear the tight leathers. For allround weather performance, safety (inbuilt armor and reflective striping), and comfy fit I choose an ELEMENT set from Tiger Angel http://www.tigerangle.com.au with GoreTex for breathability and waterproofing. They can custom make the jacket and pants to fit you snugly. And they do leathers as well... worth to go and have a look.
  11. Thanks for all your advice. My wife has stipulated that one of the conditions for buying a motorbike are that i wear the full safest safety gear. I would kinda prefer the leather to be honest. If it works out that i need to replace it avfter 12 months or i get out of bikes then i can sell or trade. I am going for a tour of the bikes shops in Dandy today to get an idea of what to get.

    Tomorrow is license, all i need now is a bike.
  12. cordura does protect you, i know plenty of peoples that have come off at highway speeds that have had the cordura hold up no worries. the biggest difference is that leather will survive to ride in again, cordura most likely will not. and of course if you plan to be stacking at racetrack speeds, then leather is definately the way to go.

    but for general riding around at legal speeds, cordura is more versatile and comfortable. better off preventing a stack by being comfortable and not fatigued than adding to your chances of offing by not being comfortable. you're going to be uncomfortable enough as it is to start with (if you havn't ridden before) no point making things worse by wearing a race fitting suit that restricts your movements.
  13. hey Kishy, happy new year and happy birthday for the other day
  14. Thanx mate :grin:

    Another year older.. Not good :cry:

    All the best for 2006 :wink:
  15. Ta for this advice, makes sense. To be honest i have no intention of attemtping any land speed records or pretending i am Mick Doohan on the road. I really want a leather jacket though, have always wanted one, i cant just start using logic to cheat myself our of it :) Combined with non leather pants should be fine?
  16. meh, might aswell go leather daks if your getting the jacket. have a squiz at www.rmgear.com.au can get a full suit pretty damn cheap there.

    i still maintain that cordura is more comfy and more versatile (warmer, cooler, waterproof) but leather willo protect you better when it comes down to the crunch. anywhich way, you will get used to it :D
  17. Live on the Peninsula too mate, and for commuting to work I wear Draggins (kevlar-lined jeans) and a leather jacket, and weekend rides I use my 2-piece leather suit. This is pretty much irrespective of weather - although if it's really bucketing down, I pull out the $40 all-over rainsuit which keeps me dry (and warm).

    Leather is hot in summer... but safety gear that does the job generally will be. There are a few lightweight textile ones for summer (might get a mesh jacket of somesort myself) but I'm nowhere near as confident in their ability to prevent serious injury and loss of flesh on the road. :p

    But you've got the right idea - get the good gear first. My leathers are custom-fit from Underdog, one of the Netrider partners. With a membership ($5!) the'll give you 10% off. Could be a very good saving!
  18. The more i read about people coming off lately and the little amount i will ride, i think as safe as i can possibly be is the answer.

    Off to get all the gear tomorrow. So no one thinks its a good idea to go to bike shop and buy off the shelf, should go into city and get custom fit?

    EDIT: AWESOME!!! thanks for the tip on rmgear, he is like 5 min from my house, going out to get fitted up tomorrow - normally only sells on the web, but has offered to let me come over and get fitted up in person - woohoo. Seems to me, from my limited to knowledge to be at least %50 cheaper than the stores, and big names.