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1st service, now problems with neutral

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Roscoe, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    Last week I had my new Hyosung GT250 bike serviced for the first time, at the time of service it was around 1,100K’s. After the service everything is good, very smooth and running fine, except I can’t get the bike in to neutral.

    I have no problems changing gears up or down but when I come to a stop I simply can not budge the gear up in to neutral. If I do happen to get it to move up, I have to use so much force (not excessive) that I go past neutral in to second.

    I’ll take the bike back tomorrow for a quick check but I’m wondering if this is a common problem or anything I should tell the guys when they take a look?

    My main concern is that I’m leaving the bike in gear and have to hold the clutch through red lights (which is often in the city) and in gear over night and during the day.
  2. Hyosung?

    This sounds like a job for the ROFLcopter...

    Can you engage neutral while the bike's still moving? How about when you use a little throttle?
  3. From a Hyo owner's forum:

    "I've given up trying to find neutral and if I want a break while I'm at the traffic lights I just switch it off."

    "try giving the throttle a little 'blip' with the clutch held in and then try to click it into neutral."

    "Neutral was occasionally elusive and I soon got back into the old Ducati habit of finding neutral while the bike was still rolling."

    Try those two suggestions, might help. Or, buy a Honda. ;)
  4. I bought a GV250 (hyo cruiser) and the neutral on that was very elusive for me too - it was the one thing that I didn't like about this bike (apart from the fact that it is a cruiser!)

    I got really frustrated with it, although my husband used to be able to find it easier than me. I know I was a complete noob when I was riding it, but I had another little try this week on it, and I still couldn't find neutral.

    But it's odd that yours was OK before it went for service.

    Now the kawa GPX has a positive neutral finder......brilliant!
  5. try just givin it the tiniest roll forward as you try and upshift it. mine used to be an absolute BIIIIIIIIIIITCh. it's not so bad now.
  6. It's a bit of hit and miss, all of the recommendations seem to work if one or the others doesn't. But before the service I could easily slip it in to 2nd without issue.

    I've need to get the book stamped so I'll talk to them about it tomorrow or on the weekend.
  7. Could be simply a different oil they've used - might be interesting to find out which one. I found after an oil change neutral was actually easier to find on mine - so it goes both ways.
  8. Unless it's a Honda CB250, in which case you will have EXACTLY the same problem! lol
  9. Have you adjusted your clutch cable at all? How much play is there in the lever before the clutch starts to disengage?

    I was at the lights the other day and noticed that much clutch wasnt fully engaging with the lever all the way in. ie: in first gear at the lights, the bike still wanted to edge forward slightly. Could not find neutral when it was in this condition. GEtting all the other gears whilst riding was fine tho. Got back to work and adjusted the clutch cable to take the slack out and voila. Perfect. NEutral is easyas hell now. Unil the clutch cable snapped altogether on the way home. (riding for half an hour in peak hour traffic with no clutch is no fun i can assure you!!)

    Also, get em to check your shift lever. Mine was loose at my first service. Was giving me lots of false neutrals when shifting to second.
  10. Tenoq has a good point.

    Often a change of oil - sometimes not even the weight, just the brand - can make all the difference. And seeing as Tenoq rides a ZX/9R, he is, after all, pretty much infallible.

    Loz - every single Honda CB250 we have on our RiderSafe fleet here in South Oz is impossible to get into neutral at a standstill without hitting the kill switch. Mind you, there's not a bike on the fleet that ever sees action above 3rd gear, either....
  11. I have a XT600 that has a box full on neutrals sometimes. Would you like one of mine?
  12. I'd say it's an oil issue. Changing from break in oil to normal engine oil will have definitely have had a change in viscosity and additives in teh oil.
    Your clutch cable may also need adjusting, my Z was like this, no way to get neutral when bike wasn't moving. As said above, just select neutral before you stop if it's an issue.
    Personally, I don't hang around lights or stop signs in neutral, so it never really bothered me.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. Well as everyone else has said... its likely to be an oil issue.
    Might be a good time to check the oil level itself though. Quite often if the oil level is low it'll make finding neutral a helluva lot harder!
  14. Or too much oil.

    I know too much oil in an Across makes getting into neutral impossible unless moving or when the engine is stopped.
  15. Great info everyone, I'll check this out tomorrow.

    I've found a 100% way of finding neutral, stall the bike! When I got home yesterday I tried everything to find neutral, then I stalled it and it slipped in without effort.

    I did the same tonight :)
  16. Can i ask why you leave your bike in neutral overnight? Ive always left mine in gear as it acts as a brake and stops the bike from rolling. Especially when parked on an incline or decline.
  17. Elusive neutrals are common on plenty of bikes, as are false neutrals. My Ducati has a particularly shy one. I find that by changing all the way down and stopping with the clutch in, then easing the clutch out until it loads up, then re-clutching and changing up, I get neutral almost every time. I have used this technique for years on all kinds of bikes.
  18. Not sure, it's just what I do. Our drive way is flat and sit on it and walk the bike out backwards in the morning while it's warming up.

    After work I like to warm the bike up while I'm sitting on it and putting my helmet and gloves on.
  19. For everyones info I stopped past Peter Stevens and they fixed it in 10 seconds... adjusted the clutch cable. Ah well, live and learn.
  20. I'd be giving the place that serviced it a heads up, might get a cheaper price next time ;)