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1st ride :)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by skellywag, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. So I got my L's three weeks ago, picked the motorcycle (VTR250) and then came the big moment of riding it home from Chewton to Ballarat.
    I decided today would be a good day, the temperature was cooler and was looking good till the weather was revised with a strong wind warning :/
    Long story short, I made it :) Strong gusts threw the bike around, but I kept it on my side of the road.
    I haven't posted much on this forum, but have read a whole lot and have to say it has been so helpful. All the newbie tips have been invaluable.
    I'm still buzzing and can't wait to pick up my bike (getting RWC and service) and hit the road. Big thanks to all the contributing members of Nerdrider oops Netrider :)

  2. Congrats! Good starter bike too.

    Let the addiction begin ;)
  3. Thanks Justin, the addiction has started. Even though I was playing 'pick a gear any gear' and tooting my horn every time I tried to indicate, I felt natural and didn't have one doubt about my decision to ride :) Happy days.
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  4. Don't worry about it - we've all been there...
    • tooting the horn when trying to indicate
    • not indicating because you don't want to toot your horn
    • indicating and forgetting that it's still on till the next time you were going to indicate
    • putting your gloves on before your helmet
    • looking for a seatbelt
    • putting your right glove on first
  5. LOL

    Hey well done! Nice bike too :)

  6. Thanks, she's an absolute little beauty.
  7. Welcome Skellywag - enjoy the ride!

  8. Glad you made it home ok !!

    The cup of concrete worked ;)
  9. Im on the same boat Skellywag, picked up my 2010 VStar 650, rode it home from Derrimut, then dropped in at PS for RWC and new white walls. I bet like me the wait is killing you :)

  10. Thanks GeorgeO :)

  11. Yep made it home, thanks Kitt. Concrete in coffee works wonders.
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  12. Hi TwiceShy,
    Yes im hoping the RWC is fine and I'm back on the road ASAP. Lots of practising to do :)
  13. Hahaha
    And all this time I truly thought I was the only one who did that!
    5 weeks in and I *still* feel weird throwing my leg over and not clipping in my seatbelt :D

    OP, Congrats on getting home safely with the new bike :)
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  14. Thanks Ness :) My brain tried to escape out my earholes when I sat on the bike and had to work out what to do first.
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  15. Hahaha I like that analogy :)
    But it didn't, you got home safely, and that is all one can ask of a learner! :)