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1st Ride on the road.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Dom_NT, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. Rode my bike on the road for the first time yesterday!! Was awesome till a landcruiser let go past him on the way out of work and then tailgated me for about 5 k's!! That was a bit scary, all I could see in my mirrors was his windscreen and part of his bonnet. :shock: Other than that it was cool!

    Went riding again today, I think i'm getting used to the gears, definitly not as rough as yesterday. Can't wait to go again, it's hammering down rain at the moment....
  2. What u riding bud?
  3. CBR 250 RR 1991. Just had the carbs rejetted, new needles and floats and cleaned up with a major service. Goes really well, lovin it! :grin:
  4. And the award for the most popular noobie bike of the century goes to the CBR250RR!! :LOL:

    Yeah mate, its best off letting w@nkers like the guy in that landcrusier go past. Just pull off to the side for a moment and then get going. Its a hell of a lot easier doing that then sliding out and being under it.

  5. Yeah, seems to be a popular bike. Got for mine for free so i'm laughing!! I ended up pulling over for that cruiser, I let him go past and went along my merry way :)
  6. Always best to pull over if your uncomfortable. I've pulled over heaps of times and when your not in a rush it makes riding more enjoyable than having some idiot tail gating you!

    The CBR250RR handles nicely and you will really enjoy leaning it over in the corners.
  7. congrats and another success story on a noob rider!!

    Your first few rides are always exciting and i am sure u can't wait to go for your next!

    Same as in the car, if someone is being a Dickhead then just let them go past and do there thing just cause u ride a bike doesn't mean u have to race everywhere!

    keep it up mate!