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1st real crash

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by TheCatsMeow, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. pulling out from Chadstone road to Waverley road. in the turn i lost traction and in my attempts to ditch the bike regained traction to highside me face first into a pole, land on my left shoulder to slide ten meters.

    injurys sustained where a sprained ankle and wrist , major shock impact to my shoulder causing ridiculous swelling/brusing when i fell i thought it was broken
    ...not too bad considering what happened.

    the gear i was wearing were the arai vector series 1
    dainese newsan leather jacket again series 1
    skinny jeans
    and forma synthetic leather boots
    dont feel like going into it again and again
    but any questions feel free to ask.
  2. 5 stars for full face helmet
  3. definitely saved me end of story.
  4. Praise be to the God of Gear. Thank him for his merciful CE certified protection. Don't ask questions about why it hapened or how, just have faith in his benevolence for next time too.
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  5. im just trying to figure out what i did wrong. i wasnt pushing hard at all, slow round the corner and got up to 30ish back just began to wonder even though it was wet i dont think that was the only factor in it.
  6. cold tyres ? what type of tyres ? condition of tyres?
  7. i feel like if i can get it ill be able to avoid it in the future. ah well im not dead yet which means i can twist a throttle which means ill be back at it when im healed no doubt
  8. tires are dunlop arrow max something or other they came with the bike lol and yeah id believe cold tires i had just finished work *5 mins away*
  9. I crashed at 25kmph going around a corner on cold dunlops about 6 weeks ago
  10. The exit roads around Chadstone are pretty sh*&^y too. I come up from the Monash towards the highway on Warragul Rd, and the intersection to get into Chaddy is all rutted and usually slippery in the wet too.

    Could there have been some oil on the road? Wouldn't be suprised.
  11. so dunnys are something to stay away from then ? what would you suggest for commuting ?
  12. Lucky you were wearing a full face helmet and didn't lose your teeth on the pole!

    How did the bike pull up? any major damage?
  13. I now have Michellin Pilot road 3 - first set of tyres I have ever been 100 % confident in

    in the states they are reporting 16.000 mostly highway kms before needing to replace

    MMTS here in the vendors section has a good price on them
  14. nar but i did bite my lip nothing bad though cept the shoulder and wrist... as for the bike i didn't get to see it when i crashed kind people ran over to help me but held me down cause i wasn't supposed to move and i was trying to check it out its been towed so ill find out when i see it. i dont think it was too bad though it just went for a slide where as i went for a glide lol
  15. Blaming the spill on the tyres is like blaming the spill on the fact that you were mounted on a single track vehicle. Yes, the single track design was a part of the problem, but you don't crash because of the design, you crash because of your inappropriate / risky / bad use of the design. I've been a daily commuter my whole adult life in tight, greasy inner suburbs, and I've never, ever, come off due to cold tyres, and I've spent a lot of time on cheap, shitty and balding tyres. There's a fine line between blaming the tyres and blaming your failure to heed the conditions, including road grip and tyre condition. I'm not saying you're doing the former - I don't think you are, although the focus on the tyres begins to lean that way - I'm just noting the distinction...your tyres are fine, keep them, it is what you did with them that is the problem here. What you did includes things that those of us who don't crash don't do. Unless of course there was a real (not the NR excuse version) diesel spill...in which case you were f*cked.

    Good oh that you came off relatively ok and ready to ride another day.
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  16. im in no way blaming the design or the tires. i love how motorcycles are formed and that's what has drawn me to them, im just trying to piece together what iv actually done wrong so that i may not endure this in the future. i understand that this error was entirely my fault and mine alone... i just dont want to make the same mistake again and if putting different tires on the steed gives me piece of mind then by all means im going to do it thats what i did with my gear and its worked out pretty well imo
  17. I understand, as I said I don't think you are trying to duck your part in it. But I put my money on the tyres having nothing to do with it. However, yes set your bike up to minimise future chances of copping a face full.

    I find your initial description a bit lacking in detail to work out what you did wrong. Any more details or ideas?
  18. not really much to say was a 2 laned road and i was on in the right lane but on the left wheel track though. i went to make a turn *right* and i had straightened up casually rolling on the throttle as im on the way home from work no rush really and the back just lost out. caught back on and flung me off
  19. You said you tried to ditch the bike, why did you do that?
  20. Were you doing 68kph?
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