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1st post... and my bike's confused "sexuality"

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by The Rocketeer, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    My 1st post yada yada... got Ls in sept 06, awaiting service on my bike before i attempt my Ps, blah blah...
    Now on to the more important issue:
    I ride a Honda Ct110 (been riding it for only a few months), and i'm still confused about its "sexuality". Riding in a upright position makes me feel like i'm riding a scooter, but i regard it as a working bike (farm/dirt) as its been used by aussie post for yonks as "the official motorbike used by the postmen/women of Australia".
    My questions is: Does the postie bike have enough street cred, and aussie history NOT to be classified as a (dare i say it)... scooter?
    i'm not a hater (thats a lie), but i respect the choices that some people choose in life, scooters being one of them.

    oh yeah, totally 4got, my b'day came and went the other week, shoutouts to all the postie-bikers in the netrider forum :)

    and another thing, if you pass me on the road, i'm the one waving his hand profusely at you to get a response. Please feel free to return the wave (or a nod will do).

  2. If you check out this site http://www.postiebikechallenge.org/ I think you'll find that whether or not your particular bike was ridden by a lady or gentleman postie, the venerable 110 is certainly a manly bike :LOL:
  3. welcome rocketeer, can't answer ur question sorry - but it's good to see u here.
  4. Welcome aboard.. enjoy. :grin:
  5. Welcome to Netrider :)

    I've seen a few non-working postie bikes around the hills east of Melb of late - but to answer your question, I will endeavour to get a 'professional' opinion on the matter & let you know :wink:
  6. Welcome!
    Postie bike is just that. They have no category other than themselves. They're so steeped in history they're almost a cult thing. Scooters are something else so don't compare them.
    :moped: :moped: ...oh sorry!
  7. Hi again and tnx 4 the warm, fuzzy welcome!
    i went for a ride today with "my friend" and took some pics... I'm just figuring out how to upload them, using fotobucket.


    I even uploaded a short clip!

    And yes, my friend is primarily used for attention from the opposite sex. (the ladies... incase you didn't know... i'm a guy...) :p
    hmmm thou no numbers....yet :wink:
  8. postie bike has a lot of cred by anyone who has ridden one!

    I rode mine in Kakadu, could blow it up if I tried!

  9. cant be classed as a scooter dont worry not 2 many scooters out there have a gear box. yeah like rev said u cant blow the damn things up, was one of the first things i rode when i was living up north we used 2 flog 1 around a mates farm was no yz or kx but still fun 2 ride

    dogs a nice touch mate

    and welcome
  10. Sure they do - they're a step-thru motorcycle. Millions of similar things buzzing around Asia from a variety of different manufacturers - all spawned from the original Honda Cub. Oh and welcome to Netrider.
  11. Welcome!

    I love postie bikes, most humourous bikes ever!. I don't know exactly what it is, probably the riding posture.. but every time I see one I almost highside from laughter. + the first pic is awesome. I should warn you though, its illegal to pillion on your Ls, but if you must at least get your dog a helmet! bahaha.

  12. Haha, even i giggle to myself as i pass a REAL postie on his bike...
    And i did look into doggles and a small jacket for the little guy, but i didn't want to give the wrong impression that i like to dress up my dog in cute outfits... well the leather jacket wouldn't go astray

    Also if you look at the clip, you'll see Egor look back at the camera as if he's saying: "OMG, i'm gonna die!!!!!" :p haha

    "Note: Why we named him Egor? when we 1st got him he followed our older dog around everywhere... just like egor and Dr. Frankenstein"
  13. As Jd hath said - that CT110 is one of the Honda Cub family. . . which is the biggest-selling motor vehicle in history:
    It was named the "greatest ever motorcycle" on Discovery Channel's Greatest Ever series, topping preeminent manufacturers such as Harley Davidson, Triumph and Ducati.

    Indeed, my own very first set of wheels in the mid-60s was a Honda C65! I was one of those nicest people that you meet:
  14. I wouldn't say your bike has confused sexuality it's defintely a man's man type of bike. And your's in particaular seems to like doggy style :p .
    Welcome to the forums rocketeer, enjoy.
  15. I learnt to ride on a postie bike :cool: Very forgiving :LOL:
  16. Welcome Rocketeer. Each to their own if you ride a powered two wheeler that's all that counts, by me.