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1St off in over 55000kms....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hegemony, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. Ok add me to the litany of off's

    Car pulled out from a driveway without looking and i rammed the back of them as it was wet and couldn't stop in time. I was only doing about 45km/hr and managed to slow to about 15 or so on impact. The fairer half was pillion though. No injuries...just pride as i consider i usually am in a position to avoid this shit. It was what happened after that really made me see red!!

    The fcuk knuckle drove off and I was unable to see his plate by the time I picked myself up. Not one person stopped to help me pick up the bike and when The bike would not start immediately some fcuker tooted me to hurry me up! I put the bike back down on the ground and stormed over to the tooter with ill intent. They panicked and sped off...lucky they did or I might have caused harm I was in the mood. Complete fcukers the lot of them. No wonder I am cynical. Noone gives a shit!

    The bike is fine although I will get it checked out, just a scratched mudgaurd and bent rear brake lever. Minor really.

  2. at least you know the driveway that the car came from. so yu should be able to chase it up.
  3. Bugger dude.

    SO you didn't get details of the guy you hit?? I hope you took a stroll up the driveway and asked who's car it was... That's leaving the scene of an accident that is. From what you've said he sounds like he's at fault, so it's probably worth talking to the cops. Nail the bastard for driving off...
  4. Definitely follow this one up. A piece of shit like that shouldn't have a licence.
    And fleeing the scene of an accident, he may just lose it!
    So go to the cops, file a report and give the address of where he pulled out from. They'll go and investigate and he'll probably be charged!
  5. +1, do it this morning, take an hour off work.
    And good to hear it was nothing worse. Damn Shitheads.
  6. Not a residential driveway...just a supermarket driveway, I reported to the police but you all know the outcome of this one already!

    If there was damage to either of us or the bike I would pursue more vigorously but I just can't be bothered....just over it.

    Thanks though and I do agree.
  7. yeah, follow this up. make the bastards pay!

    keep us posted.
  8. CCTV of the carpark? CCTV at the registers? get a time and transaction number at the registers. If they pay with eftpos - theres your culprit.
  9. Thats so messed up. I hope they get caught and go to fkn gaol for speeding off like that.
  10. All you should need is a vague description of the car (colour and body shape), the supermarket should have surveillance cameras in the car park, and they should be able to get a vague description of the person, then check it against the store ones.

    If the police aren't willing to do this, sometimes a store manager (particularly independent supermarkets) will let you go through the videos yourself.

    However if noone is injured and the bike has little or no damage, it can be a struggle to get through it all.
  11. Thats f***ed! Makes me angry. :evil:

    Ya dead right. No-one gives a sh*t these days. Its very rare to see a random act of decency and good will. I remember helping a guy up off the road who dropped his bike at a traffic light in peak hour after losing his front wheel in a pile of gravel. I was a pedestrian 100m away and not one other person offered assistance. I remember looking at all the people in there cars waiting whilst we got the bike up and pushed it out of their way. They all looked like lifeless robots. Mofo's!

    Glad theres not too much damage mate. And I pray for a big dose of karma to be delivered to that fwit.
  12. They probably thougth he'd pull a gun on them, being a big bad bikie and all... :roll:
  13. footage

    supermarkets very rarely have footage of the carparks at most maybe the front door and rear roller door. Footage on cctv usually aint the best so unless you had a really good look at the driver which i would say considering he reversed into you then you wouldnt have gotten a good look. Maybe you might be able to ID him off a camera but i very much doubt it.
    It sucks it really does but when d!cks hit people in their cars and drive off and a rego can't get grabbed in time your really pushing shit uphill unless you have a very very good look at the id of the driver.
    but what im wondering is what did your better half say considering she was pillion?
  14. Sorry to hear about your incident! Glad no injuries.

    If it was at a supermarket in the morning, you can be pretty sure that the idiot is a local or goes thier to pick up a paper, pack of ciggies etc etc.

    I would not at all be surprised if they are there again tomorrow morning (with the dent intact) or during other weekdays, just leave a little earlier to do a bit of detective work.

    Once you have the rego, go straight to get a summons plus get the cops involved. Assh*le won't know what hit im! :mad:
  15. It was a motorbike wasn't it??
  16. Grrrr!! This sort of thing really winds me up!! :evil:

    As unlikely as it is, I hope you find out who this idiot is and he gets slapped for it!

    Good to hear that you and the bike are OK tho
  17. Guys,

    Thanks for the support. I am not going to chase it up as it just makes me angry and there is hardly any damage.

    Love riding and will continue to do so.

  18. Negative.

    We all love riding... so what about the next person who may not be so lucky?

    The guy might have killed you, and pissed off leaving no trace.

    Don't think about what he did to you, think about what he could've done to you, and may well do to someone else.

    Think of children, other riders, pedestrians..
  19. Screwball,

    I understand your frustration and believe me i feel it, it was me who fell off remember, but I am not going to let the fcuker have me spend my time chasing his ass around to no avail. The police are less than interested, it was a generic car with no distingiushing features, I did not see and could not ID the driver even if i saw him, there are no cameras in the vicinity, I checked with vicroads and the supermarket. Noone stopped to offer a description, i was not hurt, my wife was not hurt, I was lucky enough to have very minimal damage to the bike.

    As such I refuse to spend any more time chasing it. Would I like to catch the punk...yes....is there any chance of it happening...no.

    I am more pissed at the people who tooted me post the event actually! And the punks who couldn't be assed even seeing if we were ok!

  20. Annoying... but no damage so it's not worth working yourself up over something you cant control or resolve.

    Just think you yourself.... "if I see that son of a biatch again I will force feed them their own testicles" and you'll feel much better about the world.