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1st new bike any advice?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by blackfab, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. Well here I am with less than 25 days until my new bike arrives and it hits me Fark :shock: I’m about to see a lifelong dream of owning a new bike become reality. Every other bike I’ve ever owned has seen some serious miles and been of Japanese persuasion.
    Seven years ago a good friend lent me his pride and joy a 2001 Thunderbird Sports fresh from its first service to go on a 1000km mission to a friend’s funeral (thanks grimy).
    This road trip left me with a passion for Triumphs branded into my psyche. Since then I have dreamed of a new Triumph but other commitments eg ex-wife & family have up until now prevented this. As this will be my first new bike or vehicle for that matter (The newest was a two year old car) any sensible advice regarding purchasing a new bike would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Congrstulations. Don't drop it!
  3. Congrats mate.............nuthin' like a brand new bike

    oil and filter change after 100 k's and change oil and filters halfway between sevices

    Oh, and as tweet says, don't drop it.
  4. Congrats man, im with everyone else, DONT DROP IT!!
  5. “Don't drop it†well I think that one is obvious.

    Is more like the suggestions/advice I’m looking for.
    Thanks jeffatav
  6. i believe [FLUX] has the same (or maybe an 07) bike as you, send him a PM, he is a very knowledgeable chap, both mechanically and riding-wise and loves his triples :)
  7. What Joel said, Flux has one and is switched on about the bike..

    Anyway i have had 4 new bikes in the past 3 years so i might be able to shed some light as well for you..

    Definately dont race the engine, especially when cold. Dont load the engine up also a big no no. Just ride it normal and make sure you fluctuate the revs. Not good to sit on constant revs with new engine for long periods of time. Twisties are great to run a bike in. Be easy on the brakes for a bit until they bed in, and remember new tyres are slippery. :shock:

    I havent actually done the constant oil change thing myself, have always waited until first service as per service book. But from what i read here it seems a good thing to do.

    My other belief is use decent fuel, the bike cost enough, so decent fuel isnt going to break the bank.. I recommend Mobil 8000 or BP ultimate.

    Good luck and have fun.. Oh yeah and dont drop it.. :wink:
  8. Thanks _joel_ & Blue14,
    I have started reading Flux’s posts in other threads. He is very passionate & knowledgeable about triples. I think I will finish reading through any triple related posts before Pm’ing with questions that may have been asked or answered previously.

    Some good points there.

    Ummmm I found that out 1st hand.... old bike new tyres :oops:

    I'm thinking i'll go this way

    The way I look at it is it’s a bit like giving a single malt drinker a can of fosters :sick: Is not going to go down too well.

  9. the most important thing is to remembe to take pictures & tell us how awesome it is!
  10. Good choice blackfab, and welcome to the brotherhood!

    There'll be a sticker on the tank with running in info, follow that and you'll be fine.

    Then take it to Turn One Motorcycles at 34 Stubbs St in Kensington (9372 1299) for your servicing. Charlie's about the best Triumph technician around.
  11. blackfab

    All I wanted to chip in with is..


    The countdown is on in earnest :grin:

    First oil change: Did mine with <500 km & then another at the
    first service.

    Changing oil at regular/shorter intervals is always better than waiting
    until the next service.

    If you get into that habit early on, & stick to it, ya bike will love
    you for it :cool:

  12. When you get it just walk up to it and kick it over. Save some time and get the first drop out of the way. If you don't I'm sure we'll be reading another thread about a learner dropping their bike in the garage/backyard/car park/drive way/The Reefton and or Black Spur sometime in the future... :wink: :grin:
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  14. Think I was too gentle with breaking in my new bike - breaks were still a bit squishy several thousand km later (avoided going in too fast so I didn't need to use them :roll: ) Ended up handing it over to a friend who took it for a 'real' run. Taught me it can handle redlining & It's been alot happier since :wink:
  15. That's what I thought too, until I dropped my new baby. :( The sad tale's awful, so I won't bore you with it. I recommend Oggies.

    At least a human baby would have bounced. :LOL:

    I want a Triumph when I've got more moolah.

    Enjoy the bike!