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1st Nail In Rear Tyre

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by NSSherlock, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Up on rear stand to do the chain yesterday and noticed "something" between the treads on the rear tyre.
    It turned out to be a nail that had gone in head first. It went in on an angle almost straight across. No idea how deep the tyre is there but there is no hiss and a spit test didn't show any bubble. Tyre seems to have not lost any air overnight and today. Hasn't been ridden.

    Debated with myself whether to replace the tyre or try and get it repaired. Ordered a new rear but will take up to 5 weeks - difficult with tyres for this Bike. I could have got another tyre but decided not to.

    So, am debating what to do in the meantime - try and selastic the hole from the outside to stop crap getting in, maybe try and get it plugged (may be difficult because of the angle the nail went in and I assume it would need to be pierced right through to take a plug), just ride it and keep an eye on it ... Thoughts?

    Rear tyre is super meaty but it will be replaced when the new one arrives. Front was cracked and low on tread so will be replaced when the new front (in stock) arrives but I'll need to ride it over to get it done (nothing to support the front to get it off here).
  2. For 5 weeks, I'd pull the nail out so it doesn't do any more damage and keep an eye on it.
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  3. Get it checked out by a tyre mech, and if needed you can get it plugged. A good plug will last the life of the tyre with no need to replace.
  4. Noticed this thread so didn't want to start a new one. Jumped on my bike yesterday and felt something is not right. Got off it and saw my rear tyre is completely flat.
    Saw the culprit .. some piece of hard wire gone in where the thread was ... see the pic below.


    Can this be fixed? If saw, is it possible for me to do it myself?

    And if I have to replace it, do I need to replace the set of two tyres? These Dunlop SportMax tyres are not for sale and were done esp for Suzuki GSXS1000.
    I would have to buy either Michelin or Pirelli.

    And now I am stucked at home!
  5. Looks like fencing wire, that should plug fine. You can get cheap repair kits at places like repco, not great quality but they work. Don't bother with the air bottles, get a small pump like an airman.

    Carry them with you and finnish your ride, not wait for a tow truck.
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  6. Take a look on youtube there's heaps of vids and it'll give you a better idea what you need to do. I also smear some of the glue over the sticky rope before inserting it. Once you've done your first repair it get easier when it happen s next and believe me it will haha. Like HillsyHillsy suggested also get yourself a mini compressor.

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  7. @Hillsy @Andrew West
    Thanks guys, will try to find those kits tomorrow. Would Super Cheap Autos have them?

  8. nothing worse than getting stucked at home
    well maybe getting stucked in public
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  10. @Andrew West

    Thank you, I will give them a call tomorrow (labour day holiday) to see if they are open for business. If not, may order on eBay something similar
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    @Hillsy @Andrew West
    I got the kit that Andrew suggested and patched the tyre the best that I could following the instructions. Regarding Airman.. which one to get?
    They seemingly have two types. Airman Tour or Airman Multipurpose rechargable. Both can be plugged in to 12v outlet for power.

    Also, is it prudent to get a new set of tyres in your opinion? Given that the rear was compromised?

    Edit. Did some research and Airman Tour appears to be more suitable.
  12. FWIW I got my lastpuncture fixed at the shop for $80.
  13. Is the puncture repair successful ?. To answer your above question, if it were my bike and the repair was a success, then unless it was time for new rubber or the tyre was severely damaged I would keep ridding on them until it was time for new shoes.
    Keep an eye on your tyre pressure (I check mine when they are cold every couple of days or before a big ride and) but I'm sure it will be fine.
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  14. I ride with a tyre plug kit and CO2 bombs under my pillion seat cover. Only ever needed to repair my tyre at home, but once repaired another biker's tyre on the roadside.

    Oh, and all the tyres I've plugged before was then used for the full tread life they had left without any issues.
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  15. Yep did 8k on a plugged rear tyre with no issue or leaks, keep an eye on pressure and some plugs with you.
  16. I had my first flat on my bike just last weekend and luckily had only just bought a tyre puncture kit 4 days beforehand.
    A few tips......attach the nozzle/valve adapter to the tyre valve first and then screw in the co2 bottle.
    My first co2 contents went straight to the ozone hole because my valve thingy wasn't sealed properly.
    Buy extra co2 bottles......my tyre went completely flat from the puncture and 2 full co2 bottles got me to 10psi....enough to ride 10k to the servo slowly but that will overheat and damage your tyre pretty quickly and the tread looked a bit funky afterward.
    The kit I bought cost $40 from a local accessory shop.....is compact and has provisions to be attached to your belt or can be strapped to your bike if you ride something with limited under seat storage/panniers.
  17. It looks like it was successful, but only time will tell. On top off all that, my compressor/charger broke so I went through 3 fuses and barely made it to 8psi. So I rode at about 20km/h and made it to the servo from my place which is about 2km away and filled it up. As @Notrossi said, the tyre did get pretty warm so I filled it up by an extra 2psi.

    @malJohann I tried to fit the kit under the Pillion seat but not enough room so I will just take about 3 air bottles plugs and tools and pack them in a smaller bag.

    Will shop for a set of tyres in a meantime just in case it failed.