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1st major service/Good mechanic in Melbourne CBD?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Kooka, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. I own a Honda 250 Hornet inline 4 (grey import/1st bike). The odometer has just ticket over 23k, although as it is a grey I can't really take this on face value. WAs wanting to book it in somewhere soon for a major service.
    Can anyone recommend a good mechanic for my first major service for this bike? And what should I be budgeting for?

  2. A major service you might be looking at around $400. Depends what the bike needs too. You can ask for a quote or a rough estimate of what it should cost, most places will tell a pretty accurate price. You would probably be better off going to a larger mechanic service, somewhere like Redwing in heidleberg, or Dynobike in Moorabbin. I havnt been to any of these but someone else(on here) might be able to give feed back on their service.
  3. where in melbourne are you? that info would be a good start in being able to help you.

    But Redwing are top notch in my experience.
  4. Yup I got quoted around $500 for major service at redwing in heidelberg, but in the end didn't need it. They have a really good looking hornet 250 for sale so I would base my instincts on that and say they would do a decent check on the bike.

    I did get them to do a safety check and and regular service, and ended up paying about $490 for it. ouch!! but yeah I got a new front tyre with that. new front pirelli diablo $220 inc fitting and adjust. about $260 for parts and labour $10 misc. I can give you a detailed run down if you like.
  5. Matt232, I live in Nth Melbourne just off Errol and Queensberry, so quite close to the city.
    I noticed there is a Peter Steves just around the corner also.
    Thought I would ask the original question as with my previous car mechanic experiencs and if they are anything to go by a job mechanic is hard to find.
    Thanks guys
  6. My housemate can do services.. he was a mechanic at Balls Tuning for about 6 years till he quit, we live in Sunshine.. if interested I can send you a PM with his details to call..
  7. i know matty's not alone in his dislike/distrust of peter stevens, why is that??? (i've only been there once for gear and i got the stuff for cheaper at kawasaki, aside from that they seemed alright)
  8. This is not just a PS problem, however if this is an ongoing situation (even if not) wouldnt you see this as poor business planning - ie expand the business and prosper.
    If you do or dont - others definately should....

  9. Motard: You're right. It is poor business planning but of the whole vehicle industry. Nobody wanted to put apprentices on and nor did anyone want to be a mechanic (IT boom, saved us from the millinium bug etc) so families and kids went that way. We actively seek and train apprentices. Take a peek in just about any Melbourne workshop and you'll find a PS trained mechanic or they started with PS. Mick Hone, Mick Bubb, Charlie etc etc etc, a list to long. We are the trainers and starters for the industry in Vic. Add to this the wickedly great money the mining industry is paying to attract mechanics and the already small pool is dry.
  10. The reason for the information is to be refered to:

    "To be informed is to be educated on what you are talking about"

    We love oxymorons at PS to!

    (this is a not cash for comment, sorry, couldn't help myself, i know i'm going to pay for that one, to!)
  11. You were drumming up business nothing more, xxxxxxxxxxx
  12. Go see Ron at Balls High Performace Tuning.
    They are located on 4th Avenue Sunshine. You cannot miss it, His got a big arse picture of himself doing a mono, The pic is ontop of his shop. I tried servicing with a few larger workshops and they never gave me the same service as balls. Ron explained everything to me before and after the service. The bike ran alot better after the service not like the other places that I previously took it too.
  13. Hey Dr DRIFT, never heard of them but I might have to check them out also. http://www.ballshpt.com.au/

    They seem to do a fair bit of stuff down there, and their customer service looks tiptop from the sound of it. It's hard to find customer service these days, I'm happy to pay that little bit more or go a little further out of my way to feel confident that some one is actually looking after my bike and me. Cheers. rEEzA

    EDIT: Mind you Race Replica is my closest to work. http://www.race-replica.com/

    Does anyone know what these guys are like? Especially working on non Kawas?
  14. I have purchased afew things from Race rep and the sales department is pretty good. I also done a dyno run there and it was pretty good also. But as for sevicing the bike, from what i have heard, their old mechanic was tops but they aren't doing so well with the current setup? Can't comment much, cause have not experience first hand. As for Balls he is very very good with customer service and mechanical work. they will not let a bike out unless it is done properly, even if you rush him....He will explain everything before it is done and he will explain everything after too. My bike went through, 3 services through 3 different shops and it wasn't til I went to balls, that the bike felt right.. They will look after you.... :grin:
  15. So if I don't say Chung sent me they won't look after me? think I'd prefer a mechanic who looks after every bike according to their needs!
  16. No i think you took that last comment the wrong way. I am sure they would look after everyone that goes there. Just thought it might make some fell better knowing that someone referred them. I didnt mean it in any other way than that. I have no affiliation to them other than being a customer. and i have only been their for the last 2months. As I have been stuffed around by a few other bigger shops. Was just letting others know of my own experiences.... take it how u want... Was just trying to help a fellow rider!