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1st major purchase for 1st bike (learner) need advice :?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jc29, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Ninja 250R

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  1. Hey everyone,

    As you can see above, this is my first major purchase I have several questions to ask, starting with if my budget is enough.
    My budget (excluding registration, CTP, insurance) = 6k altogether:
    4-5k for the motorcycle.
    1k for gear.

    Just a little about myself:
    Height = 5'4"
    Weight = 64kg
    City = Campbelltown

    I've narrowed down the bike (in terms reliability as I will upgrade to a 600 on my Full's meaning that I'll have it for a while) to the following:
    • Ninja 250R
    • CBR250R (Single Cylinder Model)
    Colour preference to not be black, I would like to be somewhat visible at night, however black with red rims does look good.

    I have done online quotes for insurance based upon a stock bike, and found Swann insurance to be cheaper. Would the prices be different if I were to inquiry in person?
    I know insurance varies from suburb.
    The bike will be inside/under shelter, not visible

    I'm sort of stuck as to which type of Insurance I would require. My choice is between:
    • Third party damage (not CTP)
    • Third Party Fire & Theft
    • Comprehensive (Weekend rider from Swann Insurance)
    I will be riding on weekends only for the first couple weeks to build confidence and get accustomed to the clutch, shifting, turning, etc. Then start riding more frequently.

    Also any suggestions/recommendations on:
    • All weather gear (jacket + pants) or just jacket
    • Rain gear (both)
    For helmet I've gone with Shark Vision-R leaving me with $600 left on the budget for gear.

    I will be buying used from a private seller, still looking however. Just regarding buying used bikes has anyone bought from eBay before or is buying from Bikesales and/or Bikepoint more reliable/preferred?

    I've read about the help on the forum provided to learner's in Sydney which sounds great.
    Since it's my first time with bikes I don't quite have the knowledge for what to expect when servicing i.e. cost of major, minor, etc. From what I've read around the forum, cost of majors range from 1k-2k, however these figures were based upon 600cc supersports. I would just know to know what to expect for so I don't get ripped off cause I'm new and inexperienced.
    I'm pretty keen on doing a motorcycle maintenance course if anyone know's of any good/decent courses around Sydney. I've already started doing some reading on general maintenance.

    I think thats enough info, your help/advice/suggestions is appreciated. Can't wait to start riding.

    Cheers guys,
  2. Would you consider a naked bike at all? I think a Hornet 250 or VTR250 would be better than the CBR or Ninja. Crashing a fully faired bike on your L's sucks, trust me I've been there. They also have better engines, CBR is pretty much a fancy scooter.
  3. I had a budget of $2k for gear and $6k for the bike. I bought all my gear first, Full leathers, gloves, boots, helmet - even a back protector! turned out I had about $300 left over after getting all my gear. I looked at bikes in the meantime, and waited for sales and specials for the gear. I had enough left over for rego and TPD insurance and then some!

    Sounds like you are into the looks your wheels over other factors, which is ok, but I would recommend going to a dealer and just sitting on all the LAMs bikes that you wouldn't mind getting for a good 5 mins each, to really get a feel for how the bikes feels for you. You will be riding this for a while and you'll be learning on it. It needs to feel right IMO.

    As an Insurance Broker, I must stress that you need to read your policy to make sure you understand what you are covered for with the product you are getting, it sounds ghey and boring, but seriously you MUST know what you are and aren't covered for. If you don't understand any part of the policy terms, get it clarified by the Insurer.

    TPD insurance does not cover any damages to YOUR bike in anyway. It covers only damages to other peoples property, be it a Maserati or Warren Buffets gold plated mailbox.

    TP F&T typically covers the above mentioned TPD plus event arising out of Fire and Theft - pay special attention to what conditions are EXCLUDED in the policy wording where such occurrences would not be claimable. For instance if your bike was not locked when the theft occurred.

    Comprehensive covers any damages or loss to your vehicle PLUS other peoples property. Although this sounds like the full cover where everything under the sun will be covered, you must read the policy to understand what you ARE NOT covered for and under what conditions your cover shall apply.

    Campbelltown is a little on the dodgy side, being so close to claymore and Raby. Insurers will take in your security quite highly, and if insufficient, either slam you with a huge premium or refuse insurance until their minimum security is satisfied.

    To this day I still don't have wet weather gear, except gloves. Go leather first, then build on this if you find the need later, ie textiles, draggins etc

    Never tried Ebay, bikesales is my only exp, but I don't think its the sites, it's more about the people who are selling them bikes. If you can't see the bike in person, or take it for a test ride (you or your licensed riding buddy) then forget it.

    Not much exp on this front, probs others can help or search other threads

    The bugs bitten you haaaard bro! Advice I would give is... don't rush it. Have fun, but be smart about it. safety first man (y)
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    Get an insurance quote for a CBR250R and a VTR250 each at $5k purchase price and post it up here. Insurance might be the biggest cost you'll face -- buying 2nd hand means there is not so much depreciation and any 250 is going to be pretty light on fuel and tires. Services are cheaper on naked bikes because there is no time spent putting fairings on and off. With an older VTR (carby) you should be able to do the services yourself, so it will be time you're saving rather than money (on services).

    You'll be buying in winter so that should make life easier.

    With gear don't worry about all weather. Just buy summer focused safety gear and then buy a "clarkes rubber" rain suit to go over the top (will also make you warm as it cuts out the wind). This would be an unpleasent set-up for summer rain but that is months away. I'm pretty sure that the more stupid the gear looks the less chance of rain -- this is what a scooter rider at work tells me when he put washing up gloves on over his riding gloves...

    Apparantly there are brands other than honda too. I hear Briggs & Stratton make a mean 4 stroke (11 million per year, compared to Honda's ~23 million per year) ;) [media=youtube]bSTjFCPDwtQ[/media]
  5. For riding gear check out the bike gear warehouse. They are in smeaton grange which is just down the road from c' town. They are in an industrial estate and are open Saturday's to the public. I have bought a lot of gear off them and their prices are really cheap. Check out there website.
  6. There is nothing wrong with purchasing a fully faired bike on your L's. I haven't ridden the CBR, but the Ninja is a fantastic L's bike, nimble as anything, very economical and the fairings do not need removing for basic servicing. Parts are pretty cheap for them if something did happen and the aftermarket support is massive.
  7. My current bike is the Ninja 250R. It's a great bike to learn on, light and nimble. The clutch is very forgiving.

    So have you bought the Shark helmet? If not then when you go to purchase it make sure it fit properly, don't just buy it because you like the helmet, fit is important. Get one of the saleman to help you with fitment. If you want to save money on gear, then what you can do is go to a store and try on their gears, then buy it online. Sportbike Track Gear is where I purchased my gears, delivery time is usually take 4-5 days for me and it is usually much cheaper than buying in Aus.
  8. Seems like you have a pretty solid base to start with. I spent about $600 on gear. I went to http://amawarehouse.com.au/ they are close to my home but also do shipping, might be worth a look. I just bought a Helmet, Jacket and Gloves to start.

    If you do decide to go the Ninja 250R i would suggest going to your local Kawasaki Dealer. I went in to mine about 2 weeks ago and they offered me a brand new 250R for $5800. If you spending $5000 on a bike $800 more is not a lot to go new and get a full warranty.

    I personally thought about it and decided that it wasnt worth going new and spent $2400 on an MC19 CBR250R. That way if i have an accident and drop it I wont be so devod.

    Good luck in which every way you choose.
  9. Blah, blah, blah.
    Get a used DR650 that has a few mods.
  10. both bikes are fairly shit and lots of people on here will tell you its "enough for you" and so on. but they are both pretty crap bikes at the end of the day, your much better off getting something different.
  11. In various threads the comment along the lines of "your learning so you'll drop it" seems to come up often. Of all the riders I know, only one comes to mind that dropped their bike while learning, and one other (experienced rider on opens) that was u-turning on a really akward angle on a steep hill. Why do people insist on telling others that they will drop their bike?

    Do some sampling and get whatever feels comfortable, you like the look of, and can do what you want it to on the road. Fully faired or not makes zero difference as you may never drop your bike, and even if you do it can be repaired (that's what insurance is for unless you want to fix it yourself).

    Enjoy your first bike, and each one after that.
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  12. No haven't bought it yet, was recommended by one of my mates. I haven't been sized for any of the gear yet, haven't had the time, not really in the rush to get the bike and/or gear at the moment since I still have to sit on a couple 250's, it has been a while since I last sampled them.

    Great to hear that.

    See images down below for quote and their benefits:
    $5000 each
    Honda CBR250R – 2011
    Honda VTR250 – 2008
    *Note: Ignore off-rider policy
    Based on Swann Insurance

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  13. Not that swann insurance aren't good. They're not the cheapest. Consider looking at insuremyride.com.au also
  14. I like your list of "different" bikes.
  15. the way i look at it mate buy a bike that fits your budget and enjoy riding it... There is about 10 bikes i like that i want to check out but i want one that will do me good and i will enjoy riding for 2 or 3 years of riding...
  16. a) Hey. :)

    b) Ninja. Probably get Oggy knobs fitted too. People like both bikes (and many other 250s) so yeah, sit on them, test ride, look at yourself looking cool on them in a mirror/photos etc for comparison.
    c) Comprehensive. If you can't afford comprehensive on a bike that costs a bit then go buy a shitheap that isn't worth much. I found Swann to be cheaper too.
    d) Get all the basic gear. Helmet/jacket/gloves/helmet/pants/boots. Mine was around $1800. I have a mate who is going to get pants and whatnot but not gloves because "Oh yeah I'm not gonna come off the bike"... I don't understand.
    Also I don't wear wet weather gear and I ride in the rain. My Draggins are thick so when I change clothes I'm still dry. Jacket is waterproof (textile) but i leave the vents open and I'm not soaked. Others have different experiences.
    e) eBay is fine as long as you can inspect the bike.
    f) Pretty clueless on the servicing bit. -watches thread-

    Happy riding :D