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1st load done [now with pics]

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, Dec 24, 2006.

  1. Now less than a month till I can say goodbye to Melb for good, except for coming down to visit friends/Relo's. ( but I get the feeling that most of you will be coming up to taste the roads up there well B4 I get back down here. :p :twisted:

    The 1st load has been done and just got back from spending a week in my new House up in Coffs Harbour :grin: and I get the feeling this month is going to drag out :? :LOL:
    Where do I start ? Oh yeah i'll post a link to some pics when I upload em later today, but did someone mention Drought ??
    I've got two 5000gal tanks and they are both overflowing and the whole area from Taree up is a lush green ( very different from the desert dry paddocks and fires we passed on the way up to and through Syd )
    In fact it was raining the day we arrived and unloaded the truck, soaked to the bone but by no means cold !

    The temps while up there - lows of 17 and highs of 28, just perfect :p
    Nothing like waking up and looking out across the mountains ( "Hows the Serenity" :LOL: :cool: )
    We got to take the bikes for a run down the mountian into Coffs, I let Nadeen go 1st with about a 15min start, she's still getting used to her new ride so I didn't want to 'crowd or push her' down the hill the 1st time Twisted Evil After a 'very' spirited ride ( well as much as I wanted to on virgin roads ) I caught her just as she was hitting the 1st built up area.
    We where on a short time frame that day so Nugz had a smoke and turned around to go back up the hills while I went and visited my bro at the bike shop for 1/2 an hr, As I pulled up, he come out of the w/shop and yelled out " sorry mate dont work on those things yet so F*** off " ( cheeky bugger ) :LOL:

    Anyhoo I could go on for pages but I wont :p lets just say I'm so glad i've finally pulled the finger out and done what I should have done 15 years ago !

    Pics to come once i've resized and uploaded em :cool:


    You all have a safe and Happy Xmas and New year

    Bob :grin:
  2. Hey congrat's on the move...even if it took 15 yrs to do. :)

    All the best,

  3. best thing to come out of melbourne???????????????????

    The hume highway :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Nah, just kidding :LOL:
  4. Re: 1st load done

    hmmm I think it's about time I had a road trip :p

    Glad the move went well Bob and Nadeen!
  5. I'm not going to comment on this whole business because I'm not the least bit jealous of you bods getting to live in Coffs Harbour..... :cry:.
  6. It does look green!!!

    Congrats Bob and Nadeen, you're moving to a lovely part of the world. And yes, I'm jealous!!! :LOL:

    Best wishes for the future, I know you'll both be very happy there. :)
  7. Geez Bob, you could have bought the water back with you :grin:, we are down to 500ml in the tanks :? ...even would have paid for it :wink:, and the grass is dead for the first time since we have been here. :?

    Hope you finish your move successfully and all the best house warming wishes for your new start :)
  8. just had a squizzy at the photos...
    I believe that is check! nice move...
  9. Wow nice to be reminded of what the colour green looks like.
    Nice move :grin:
  10. Hey those hilly roads look inviting, Bob, we might have to plan a Netrider Ride to visit them :).
  11. So the grass is greener :shock:
    Enjoy the new life you two :grin: