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1st LAMs bike cruiser/old style

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sean93, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys

    my mates and I are going for our L's next week and Im looking at getting a cruiser or old style of bike,
    that can be used daily and can be used for long trips without any hassles and easily maintained (I have an old Kingswood and I have to work on that often, so would like one reliable vehicle),
    I am 6'3ft and 80kg I enjoy the laid back style and comfort of the bikes over sport bikes.

    I have been looking at

    -Royal Enfield Classic 500
    -YAMAHA XVS650
    -Hyosung GV650 Aquila classic and sports

    Im likeing the Enfield the most so if you have one please tell me how they run and if you have had eny problems with them

    There are other brands like "Hunter" but not sure about Chinese imports

    feel free to suggest others.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. If you must get a cruiser then forget the Indian, Korean and Chinese ones.
  3. I haven't ridden any of those bikes but If you look through the forums you can see that the Hyo's and chinese bikes tend to have a lot of mechanical problems and suffer from an overall lack of finish that you get from a jap bike. Those Royal Enfields are beautiful but I've heard they have problems also, a few people here own one so have a look in the 'my new ride' section to see what they think.

    mine did 12kk's and was in the shop >15 times not including services
  5. Tall skinny bloke eh? Hmmm... well I dunno but I like my XVS650 a lot. It's just... nice :)
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  6. Get the Bullet! Mine's a pre-unit construction from the worst period of manufacture and is a very different beast from the UCE / unit construction bikes that have been out since 2009. If you are googling about Bullets make sure you note the difference, as the Indian pre-units are made like hand grenades (but they're oh so wonderful when they're not exploding!). However Royal Enfield has massively lifted its game with the UCE bikes. A Yank on a forum somewhere just did 1000miles (1600km) in a day on his often at 130kph, and the bike held up fine. Guys in RECOA (the aussie club for the bike) are riding their UCEs all over the country and loving them. Yes, there are some problems, but they're minor and don't happen to most people. And they're worth risking as the bike is utterly wonderful. They're also a much more capable motorcycle than any cruiser - i.e they are better for lazily cruising than anything else - that one beat per lamp-post thing - but at the same time they're light and nimble in the twisties, and suited to any road surface. And parts are drastically cheaper than for any other motorcycle, and the servicing is an absolute cinch (especially given that the valves are hydraulic - just change the oil and filters).

    Where are you located? The club is a lot of fun and very active with rides, and very helpful with any advice or help you need, so there's that side to it as well.
  7. Hi OP,

    I got one UCE C5... It's my 1st Lams bike as wel. Bought brand newl. I've had it 2 years... did my P test on it... passed easy. 21000 kms so far.

    Now on fulls... see no need to upgrade as she is everything I need...
    -fuel efficient
    -easy peasy to ride....wind shield and replaced stock seat, so is now super comfy.
    -practical - side luggage bags and rack with tail bag.
    -on road or off road... no probs

    She is my daily ride to and from work. Have had electrical issues and such... able to fix on the road and get home everytime!
    One time rear brake locked up... fixed on road, then replace rear brake assembly.

    I'm keeping her forever. She's been crashed by wife once and me once... but she's still ticking.

    I always carry spanner, spare spark plug, wires and electrical tape just in case.

    I still love riding her and you can't get simpler than a large single!

    Oh yeah.... she's pretty much all metal! Yay!
  8. -Royal Enfield Classic 500, lovely bike if you have basic mechanical skills more a vintage/classic than a cruiser.
    -YAMAHA XVS650, very popular, reliable jap bike will be easy to sell when the time comes.
    -Hyosung GV650 Aquila classic and sports, just don't. No really - DON'T.

    edit - this may help with the RE info http://www.royalenfield.org.uk/
  9. I have the V Star, they're a great bike, they don't look like a LAM's bike, and ride beautifully. Yamaha is a nice reliable brand too. I get lots of compliments about my bike because it looks nice, and there's plenty of things you can change or add to it. It can handle highway speeds well and is smooth and comfortable. If you can, take the bikes you're thinking of for a test ride and do some research on their reliability and upkeep costs :)
  10. I'm 6'3" and I wanted the Yamaha 650 cruiser, sat on it and realised I couldn't have it. The legroom is so cramped I couldn't get my foot onto the brake pedal without feeling like an ankle contortionist. The Hyosung is better in that regard. I ended up with a Honda VT400 which was a better fit, but ended up changing to my current Suzuki GSX650F after a few weeks as the VT400 wasn't relaxed on the highway for me. Those Enfield Bullets look pretty cool, if you fit on one OK maybe you should give one a try.
  11. depends on how long your going to keep it too and not to sound like a broken record but the Kawasaki 250 VN Eliminators are worth a look, $3-$5 k heres a link to an article that has questions & bikes & may help answer some questions
    I have the EL Eliminator cheaper option again and its a great ride no issues on the roads (big or small) any way enjoy
  12. Kawa w650. Say no more!
  13. Is the W650 LAMS?
  14. W650 is LAMs only in the ACT.
  15. Ah ha, that make sense, pity we can't have one in Vic. Maybe a W800 when I'm all grown up and off L/P restrictions :)
  16. Think susuki do a nice cruiser
  17. i have been looking through the forum and on the web, im liking the royal enfield the most
    so are there any dealers were i can test ride on the gold coast or will i need to go to brisbane ?

    if i do get an enfield i will most likely join RECOA but is there much in the gold coast for rides and events?
  18. Unless the this info is out of date, the Australian Enfield site lists these as the nearest dealers:

    66 Deshon St
    Woolloongabba, QLD 4102
    Phone: (07) 3391 7322

    84 Conway St
    Lismore, NSW
    Phone: (02) 6622 2004
    Fax: (02) 6622 0934

    Enfields are great fun, I have two kicking around.
  19. I can only comment on the XVS650, i've got a custom and it's a fantastic bike. I'm 6'1" and it feels fine (back brake is a little bit cramped but no problems)

    Plenty of aftermarket parts, stock seat is ok for longer trips, i've done a few 6 hour trips and it's not too bad. Gets plenty of attention, compliments and people interested in what she is/how big/comfortable.
    Roughly 5l/100, revs high at highway speeds, but comfortable and enough for safe (but not lunatic) overtaking.

    good luck!
  20. What a pity the XVS 1300 (or V-Star or whatever they call it now) isn't LAMS, it fits a tall rider perfectly and I bet it is relaxed and comfy on the highway