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1st Hobart Netride

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by DonDock, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. Well where to begin....

    It was a very cold, dank, drizzely morning in the nice city of greater Hobart. I dragged myself out off bed and made my way to Joes as planned by the Tas netriders for the early morning quicker trip. When i arrived there was only one other waiting at this time, but mind you it was only 9:45, i was a little early. I have to apologize because i have forgotten this girls name.
    We talked for a bit then Mycal666 (Simon) turned up with 3 of his mates, then shortly after Techno showed. We hung about and talked for a bit waiting to see who else would show, namingly waiting on Smack and TG. During this time the rain seemed to get worse then backed off again, was too hard to tell if it was going to pass or not.

    Techno then got a call from Smack and Anonymos (who i can only assume was TG) they had both decided to stay inside where it was cold and dry. Smart idea! So after these calls Techno decided to go home and have pancakes :p

    Myself and the 5 others then made way to Bo-Jangles cafe in the mall to wait for the waether to pass. 1 hour later we were on our way.
    It was dry on the eastern shore so we cruised over the tasman to the mornington inn where we decided to go for a quick blast to Richmond before it hit 1pm when the others would be joining us. Through out the day simon decided to grace us with his skills everytime he left some where he would leave on the back wheel.

    1pm hit and we were back at the Inn waiting to see if anyone would turn up. At about the same time darklightBoy and another arrive (again sorry im really bad with names)

    So with 8 of the tascrew ready for a blast we got onto the highway and shot down to Sorrell where we would meet at the Shell servo to decided where further to go. Once again simon and his ego got the better of him and he was travelling just as fast as me on the back wheel :oops:
    The riding skill levels of all of us were greatly different but we managed to work with it and no one was left behind (except for at the start where darklightBoy did...just by a tad :wink: )

    From there we went onto Dunally which was a great ride, lots of long sweeping turns and "hardly" any traffic so we could go at our own pace.
    Just outside of Sorrell i was getting major cramps in my hand and had to take my glove off to keep the throttle right, when i pulled over so did 2 of the others, so nice to see we were looking out for each other. And about 2 kms ahead Craig was waiting to see if the 3 of us were all good too. Just as the four of us got into Dunally Simon was riding out to see where we were because obvoiusly we took to long for his liking :LOL:

    As we all sat down for lunch at the local bakery i raised the point that i didnt think i have much air in my rear tyre so Craig had a look with his pen guadge and turned out i 6PCI in my rear, lol. I went back to get some air and simon found that i have a slow leak for a pervious puncutre. At this point we decided to call it a day as they didnt think it would be great for my tire. We went back the same way we came but i decided to blast out in front for a while just to throw it around just a little more. I stopped and waited for everyone in Sorrell but by the causeway i had left the main group behind and and now im home again. So from a crappy start it turned out to be a tops day and im hanging out for the next big group ride.

    The crew contemplating whether its worth it or not

    Waiting for more NetRiders at Mornington Inn

    Little messy but thats how we parked
  2. Nice recap DonDock, the afternoon run was quite enjoyable. I would say it's not my fault for being left behind being a two fiddy, but Dim's little beast seemed to stay up there quite well :LOL: Mind you that little 2min bucket of rain was annoying on the way back...
  3. Hell yeah, that was a great ride today, shame the other guys decided to stay at home rather than come out at 1pm.

    I ended up going straight though Sorell and out to Richmond to head home via grass tee hill, I had a need for some twistys , so could push the bike without being to far over the speed limit :p

    Funnily enough the road was the best ive ever seen it apart from black marks through the hills. I had expected the targa cars to have left gravel everywhere on the road.

    Hopefully this wednesday will be a better day for the weather as I still really want to do the channel loop.
  4. Sorry guys. TG and I got to Blood Valley Inn late (as usual) We ended up heading to grass tree hill and then back to Richmond for a pie, then back over Grass Tree. Next time for sure
  5. Great ride, apart from the rain i got pelted with as i was going through hobart.

    :LOL: "little beast" - powered by briggs and stratton.
  6. as is my old man's new lawn mower :LOL:
  7. It was an awesome ride :D
    My skills and some other stuff have grown since i started riding :) it is good to take it up a lvl :D

    I am bad with names too, That girl was mad fast on the bike she was on lol (CRAZY some might say :p)

    and of course simon back wheel all the way lol.

    Good to see again Dim.
  8. Yeah..sorry guys, bummer about the weather, it would have been great to meet you all.

    I rode to work, and the rain kicked in, I rang Techno, who said it was berloody wet, and we should try again for the 1pm ride.
    I rode home, but I saw this group at the Argyle Street intersection on my way home.

    Smack and I got to the mornington meet spot late, and so it was just us again.

    Here's hoping for some good weather this weekend, so's we can try again! :)
  9. Was that you Twingirl at the lights as we took off from the lane closest to you? a Gixer and SV at the front then the rest (Ninja, Z, and ZZR)
  10. Yep....guilty as charged!! :LOL:
  11. nice fresh faced crew... its good to see netrider is progressing well in the twisty state! I'll have to come for ride next time i'm down... BTW its tasmania! its always worth it and you can always dry yourself off after a ride.
  12. well since i left dunally my rear has only lost about 1pound so im thinking its a very slow leak ,but still time for a new id say
  13. nice bike :D
    You'll have to join us next time :D

    (on another note what happened to the pics at the top?)
  14. Still there for me.

    On another another note when's the next ride? :grin: