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1st Half of NSW pre learners done.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by beery, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. I did the 1st half of my pre learners today at the beautiful Adamstown track (oversized basketball court) in newcastle and i must say i have learnt a few things being a real novice, gear changes are a little bit tricky having never really used a manual before and finding neutral when a CB250 is turned on is near impossible but the most important thing i learnt other than correct right hand-wrist position is that a 6ft 4 man is NOT ment to be on a CB250 i felt like a clown it was uncomfortable to the point of distraction.
    It was fun and i cant wait to get my own bike something abit more my size and get amongst it (after i learn how to change gears properly so i think me and hopefuly a nice kawasaki er-5 will be spending a day or two in a large car park and the back streets).
    I'll tell you how i go after tommorow.


  2. Good on you beery, and good luck tomorrow!
  3. Don't worry that's not just you (the gearbox on a CB250 is terrible). Best of luck for tomorrow.
  4. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    All the best for ya learners champ
  5. did they only have CBs? when i did it last year at st ives in sydney they had a mix of CBs, Shadows and a trailie.

    at 6'2" i got the trail bike :)
  6. CB's aren't bad for size at all in my experience. They're bigger in every way than most of the race rep 250's CBR's etc..

    The problem is the ones at the training centres are set up for the absolute bottom line, the shortest, smallest riders possible.

    In my P's test I rode my own CB250, set up for my height (6'1"). It looked rediculous lined up next to the Centre ones, about 1.5times as high on the suspension.

    I've just got my L's on a car, and I can say thank god for the gear change system on bikes. It's so much more natural and quicker way to shift.

    Car's have the advantage of being able to jump gears (go straight from 5th to 2nd for example), but the simplicity of a bike gearbox is so much better.
    When driving the car, I often accidentally shift from second into 5th, by missing 3rd. No way you can accidentally get the wrong gear on a bike. You move the lever up, or you move it down- simple :)
  7. I'm surprised they didn't have a trail bike there, they had one about 6 weeks ago. maybe it was out for servicing or got bent.
    I found the best thing for learning the gears was cruising around the carpark at work, just playing with the friction point and taking off in first with as fw revs as I could, then jumping straight into second, then back again and stop. Just kept doing that for a week or so. Same with slow turns, I just started out doing a nice big circle and it naturally got tighter as I got used to it.
    It's all seat time I think. You can think it through and get psyched up, but the best thing is to just play around with the bike at slow speeds.

    Regards, Andrew.