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1st gear

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Matchstick01, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. Hey guys
    My bike was in the shop being fixed for a regulator problem, and got it back on saturday, and i've just had to take it back to sydney city motorcycles again this arvo :cry: . I noticed the last few days riding, sometimes going into 1st back from second when comin to a stop, there'd be a big crack comin from the bike. Didn't happen everytime, but often enough to get me worried. Also happened occassionally when rolling off th throttle in first. This morning i left for work with the idea i'd take it to the shop after work, but at the first roundabout, goin back into first it crack 3 times. Took it back home straight away and took the cage. Can anyone give me any idea whats wrong with the bike. I thought maybe i've lost a tooth or two in 1st gear. Anyone got any ideas? I'm hoping its something small so i can pick up the bike on saturday and head out to molong but am not holding my breath. If anyone has any ideas whats happened, or if i've done something to cause it, please tell me.

  2. Does the 'crack' sound like a spark jumping, like two bits of metal clashing together, or like a backfire (explosion)? Just the term you're using is not giving me a mental image.
  3. And is it accompanied by any "jump" or lurch from the transmission?

    Could be a delayed jumping into/out of gear in this case, but hard to say without more information.

    Any more clues for us?

  4. i'd say more like a rock flung up from a car going the other direct to you hitting your bike a decent speed. no noticeable change in acceleration or deceleration. it happens pretty quick though, so if there was a quick change i wouldn't notice it anyway i would think.
  5. Not really. But everyone's entitled to their own theory...
  6. the reason i thought it was the gears is that i work for saeco coffee machines, and when we here a noise almost identicle to the one my bike is making, without fail theres always a broken gear inside.
  7. Matchy -

    before we move on to the gearbox (and it might well be the gearbox) how well adjusted is your chain, how well aligned are the two sprockets, and what condition are the sprockets in?

    That nasty crack could come down to a near-derailment of your chain if things aren't quite right.

    All these things in good condition?
  8. I honestly have no idea. i've been riding for 2 months now, and know very little about the mechanics besides the real basics. If that is the problem, the guys at sydney city will find it pretty easily though wouldn't they?
    I bought the bike from sumoto as 06 compliance, i guess i just assumed they have checked that sort of thing when doing the compliancing.
    When I rode it down to the shop this arvo, i stayed out of first. Yes I know its not good for my clutch starting in second, but that cracking noise sounded like it was doing a lot more damage. The whole way down, which is about 10 mins it didn't crack once. Does any of that help?
  9. Yeah, you'd imagine the guys at Sydney City would spot sprocket/chain probs pretty quickly....but seeing as the problem doesn't show up at all in second, it might not be sprockets or chain at all.

    When was your last oil change?

    If you want to go to the trouble, warm the bike up (just leave it idling) and after it is warm, take out the oil drain plug and let the oil drain into a clean container. When the oil has cooled a bit, swish it around a bit and look for any metallic flakes or chips in it. If there are bits in it, they might well be bits of 1st gear...and you're on your way to finding the problem.

    If the oil is clean and without bits, just pour it back into the bike (remember to put the drain plug in and tighten it up before you do this - d'oh!) and you'll have helped rule out one problem area without spending any cash.

    It's not much, but it's a start....
  10. lol, thanks for the advise mate. I don't actually know where the oil drain plug is though, lol. i'm a total newb to bike riding. whatever it is, hopefully the guys at sydney city will locate and fix the problem quickly. Then off to malong for the weekend if i'm lucky :)
  11. All the best with that.

    Oil drain plug will be at the very bottom of the engine, most likely hidden just inside the fairing lowers.

    Chances are you'll find it in your owners manual if one came with your bike. (not the plug, but the location of it, y'understand...) I suspect that a lot of them (the manuals, not the plugs...) get lost pretty quickly.

    Anyhow, if you choose to have the Sydney City guys take a look, all the best with that, too. Hope you're back on the road soon without spending a fortune.
  12. Thanks mate.

    I never got a manual, but it wouldn't have helped me much. Apparently it only comes in Japanes, lol.
  13. matchstick01: how fast are you going when click into first?

    i ask this as with my bike if i get the clutch in and click down the gears into first if and i'm going a little faster than i should when doing this it makes a audible clunk noise.

    also try going into first when stopped to see if this stops the problem occurring. if you already doing this sorry i'm all out of ideas.

    good luck
  14. You might check that the gear-change lever returns fully after you change gear, I had a similar problem on my Ducati a while back and it turned out to be a stiff gear linkage that didn't fully go back 'down' after an up change causing a momentary delay followed by a clunk. A drop of oil and a rag was all it needed.
  15. there is a spring that holds your transmission in first gear. it may be worn, causing it to jump.
    not much point going in to detail if you are getting it done by the mechanic, as they will find it and fix it accordingly.

    hope they fix her for you :)
  16. Hey guys,
    OK, i'm not 100% sure exactly what the problem was. The guys at sydney city rang me this morning and said my chain was so lose i ws very lucky it didn't come off and that that quite possibly was causing it to crack like that. The bikes now fixed, they only charged me $44 for it. So i'm assuming thats all it was because he didn't say anything else to me about it, and that was a lot cheaperr then i was expecting. Pick up the bike tomorow and head out to parkes for a day in molong :) Hopfully will see some of you up there.
    Thanks again