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1st day for so many kids

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Flipper, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Today was the day that I sent my baby off on her 1st day of Secondary College. It seems like yesterday that it was her 1st day of prep. Time goes so fast :(
    So many mixed emotions.....proud seeing her in her 'high school' uniform, sad to see her growing up so fast, happy to see her settle in to year assembly so easily.
    The only tears today were mine. Maddy, as nervous as she was, still had a grin from ear to ear as I waved her off.
    I'm sure there are many others on the forums that have waved little (or not so little) ones off today.

    Today is also the day my oldest goes for his learners (car) :shock:


  2. They seem to grow so quickly ... before you know it they are out there living their own lives and you can only hope the mistakes they make are little ones that help them learn life's lesson.
    Then suddenly it hits you. :shock: They become adults.
    You often wonder, "Where did the years go? "

  3. Hey Deb...my youngest starts her first day of secondary school tomorrow. (Her college gets an extra day holiday). That's it for me - no more primary school. They're all getting older.
    I hope Maddy has a great day today.. :)

    And good luck to your son with his Learners. I understand your googly eyes on the matter. ;)
  4. And doesn't Maddy look soooo impressed that you just 'had' to take a photo ;)

    Yeah, too many cars out today... bring on end of term holidays :LOL:
  5. Thanx Rosie. I just had a call from Jayden and he passed :driver: :dance:
  6. Whats the idea Flip ? We go away for a year and you go let them grow up :)

    Congrats to Jayden :shock: :cool:
    And yes "mini me" look so impressed in that pic :wink:
  7. Bloody kids grow up faster and faster! My eldest has just started Y11 at a new school and he was as nervous as he was startng high school!
  8. I remember my first day ever of primary school.

    :arrow: Clark shoes are uncomfortable and crap.
  9. My little man also started High School today, up in Sydney. He's going to the same school as his sister who goes into Yr 9 this year. I told him to have fun and enjoy it, to walk in with a good attitude toward being at High School and to know that it's going to be exciting and enjoyable.

    It cuts my heart out to be here in Melbourne and miss these moments in their lives, and sometimes I hate myself immeasurably for it.

    Good luck and good times to all new High School kiddies today :)
  10. You young puppies....... My first grandchild started school today.