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1st commute to work.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by I'm Simon, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. I didn't get a chance to ride the bike over the weekend and although I didn't plan it I got up this morning and decided to ride the bike to work in the city.

    I have only been riding for around 6 weeks so I started like this :shock: but after 5 minutes I was like this :grin: .

    Think I will take the long way home this afternoon ... beats taking the train !

  2. Bike > public transport.

    I love whenever I ride to work [not supposed to though... company car allowance etc].
    Makes it fun - and you get to sleep in for an extra 5 minutes! [you save 10 minutes on the journey, but need extra time to get gear on and warm up bike :grin:].
  3. Ride to work

    Good on you. I try and do this at least a couple of days a week (for a distance of 39km return). It seems to nake the day nuch better and I actually look forward to the commute home. It's a little different in the morning as it is easier to just flop into the car but if I make the effort, I enjoy it. Its good to get the hours up on the bilke as well, keeps you sharp if you know what I mean.
  4. When i started to commute, i told my boss my work day was about 2 hurs shorter. The drive is part of work, the ride is mine.
  5. how does commuting to work, work?

    ie.. do u gear up completely? (boots,back protector,leathers/draggins)?

    do u pack ur work clothes? (suit tie shoes etc, laptop) etc?

    was thinking of riding to work, but lets presume i get over the fear of peak hour traffic & dodgy 9am drivers.. i dunno answers to the above.

  6. I wore draggins, leather jacket, gloves etc and threw my shirt, pants ties etc into a backpack (as well as a comb for helmet hair :LOL: ).

    If I decide to commute more often I will leave a few changes of clothes in my office.
  7. i blat to work eack day (approx 90km) wear a pair of draggin chineo's (say chee no)
    very corperate looking,
    wear shirt,
    armour and summer jacket minus armour
    change shoes at work add tie instant corporate look

    commuting to work makes the work seem bearible

    good on you for taking the first step to waving public transport goodbye think of all the money u will save

  8. Hey Hopper well done, I have been commuting pretty much every day for just over 12 months, Mt Martha to the CBD.

    Still lots of fun so my tips.

    Invest in warm gloves for winter, a must! Or heated handgrips
    Keep suits & shoes at work, just bring a shirt. Wrap in plastic bag so it does not smell of exhaust.
    Get hair cut short or wear a cap!
    Enjoy splitting,
    Leave work a bit earlier or later to miss most of traffic.

    Tankbag or bag strapped to seat much more comfy than a back pack. Lot easier to ride as well when carrying heavy stuff like back pack.
  9. Atlas, i have been commuting for a bit over a year.

    i gear up in full bike gear with business shirt and tie on under jacket.

    Carry laptop, shoes and pants in ventura bag. Always had short hair. I stopped wearing suits, partly bike, but mostly because i only ever used the jacket for initial client contact. Got a dress leather jacket, i can put it in the bag and it comes out fine. An alternative to a leather jacket is microfibre.

    A trick for the clothes you carry - Fold and roll in a towel or similar, you'll find they don't crush as much.
  10. Don't you all get really hot and sweaty ridding to work though? Or are you all beating the heat? Or just change and live with it through the day?

  11. Shaun we are in Melbourne! :shock:

    nah when the temps over 35 degrees or so I tend to ride to the station so not enough time to get too sweaty, if I do ride to the city we have showers at work so all good.
  12. Ahh ok that explains it :p So used to the gold coast.

  13. I made my first commute to work the other week as well and loved it.

    I was crapping myself at first with all the extra traffic, I guess its just as well I start at 7am and not 9am though!

    Cant say i have the clothing issue, we get changed into a uniform at work so its not a problem.

    On holidays atm, cant wait to go back to work now (kinda). :?
  14. Where in the city do you guys work?

    I live in Laverton and work on Collins and I go through Footscray to get to town. I sometimes go over the Westgate but most of the time the back way.

    I started riding to work a week after I got the bike, it saves me around 1 hour each day over public transport.

    As for gear I wear jeans and t-shirt at work so I just wear my boots and jacket over the top.
  15. I live in avondale heights and work in Tally Ho business park in east burwood. With the heat and clothes issue. Most mornings are cool enough to not work up a sweat (airmesh jacket) and on the way home, who cares. The odd 40 degree day, carry the shirt in gear and shower/change at work.
  16. Collins Street top end of town
  17. Same, I'm at 55 Collins.

    Do you come in on the Western Highway? We're looking at buying out at Melton and I'd be interested in knowing what the traffic is like to and from work and how you find the trip?
  18. I ride from Mt Martha up the Nepean or Monash, traffic is always heavy in a car can't say I notice it on a bike :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Yeah I'm at 35
  19. i ride to work everyday - although not far Chadstone to Hawthorn (20km round trip) I wear my work clothes underneath my riding gear. Leave my work shoes at work so all i have to do is strip off the bike gear and slip on the shoes.

    Even when it is hot the morning is usually cool so no dramas getting to work all hot and sweaty. Going home... well u just have a shower when u do arrive home.

    BTW i invested in a fluro yello vest that i wear over my leathers. Look daggy but u do notice cars noticing u more.
  20. diggin up an old thread again..

    first commute to work today.

    being a mufti friday.. i wore draggin cargos, boots, gloves, leather jacket, back protector. packed some shoes to change.

    in addition to this, i had to carry my backback which had my laptop (and shoes).. tbh.. i felt all this was very cumbersome.. should i ditch the back protector?

    and MAN WAS IT COLD !