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1st Bike

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by 4orbes, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone I am a newbie. I am going for an RE license this weekend and I am excited/clueless about purchasing my first bike.

    Netrider forums are incredible, I've learned a lot by reading through the posts. Particularly Bretto61's post for new riders. (Check it out fellow newbies)

    I have one query though I hope someone can help me with. How many km's is too many? I am searching for an Used 250+ LAMS in the $2500 range. I thought that one should aim for under 10,000km, however all the cruisers that catch my eye are closer to 30,000.

    Thanks for reading my post!
  2. I avoided this issue as I bought my bike new, but from what I know, the whole km thing varies from bike to bike. Eg. Most old CBR250s will have ticked over so the km figure isn't reliable. But then again old LAMS bikes such as that, or the occasional old Ninja and GPX250 are probably still around because they were made well and are still "reliable" bikes. I didn't find many LAMS bikes from the early '00s which someone suggested to me was because a lot of them were of poor build quality; it became about churning out junk hunks instead of good bikes people can keep (how true this is; I'm not sure, but it sounds believable enough to me).
    Then there's the whole thing about certain km milestones suggesting it's time for an engine rebuild or a major service... hence the bike being sold so the seller avoids paying for it. So be careful of that!

    Also sorry, realise you're looking at cruisers but my interest was in the pseudo-"sporty" bikes when I was shopping, hence the references to them.

    Hells yeah, do want.
  3. Welcome to NR. (y)

    Anything under 10K KMS will be a bit expensive. For your budget, 30K KMs is average and even that is not too bad for the bike. If it has been looked after properly, its all good then.

    I would suggest that you buy within your budget now and get as much experience (dont worry about the KMs too much) and down the track (once the restrictions are over), get something better.
  4. welcome to NR and what they said :)
  5. Welcome 4orbes :) I bought my cruiser brand new so really can't offer much.

    Ok so I told ya to go to the same link you already linked ... woops .. edit :oops:

    Anyways, I have the shadow 400, and love it as a first bike, but I think they'll be out of your price range even 2nd hand.

    So I'll just stick to hi :D
  6. Thanks everyone :cool: I dig the Shadow. I am feeling the Virago 250. I read it is an excellent LAMS bike and there are plenty of well maintained 90's models around the 30-50000km range. Cheers Lazy Libran for the tip! In particular I found a modded 91 with 100,000km. Better bars, pipes and paint than stock. It looks so damn good I cant resist.
  7. Welcome 4orbes, I am a new rider after a 47 year break, I bought a Suzuki VL 250CL Intruder, k's at 40,000 but very well maintained,honestly it's like a new bike and performance is faultless,I really could not be happier, cost me $2500.I have a pic in my profile,The only reason I didn't get the Virago is that the Intruder is more chunky but a virago would have been my next choice.get good comments from all who see her.2000 model,
  8. Good onya 4orbes, Virago was my second choice, but since I had the money (well the bank did) for new and I wanted a bike that would do more than round town I decided on the Shadow. Not to mention it was just so damn comfy when I sat on it. And that's the whole thing, as well as everything else ya have to love the bike ya get! Go try a few :D
  9. Nice buy Bob. I thought the intruder was a single exhaust, is yours custom? I like your model its chunky but sleek. What do you think of your tank mounted instruments? As a newbie I was a bit worried about taking my eyes off the road to look at the gauges.

    Cheers annastasia, I'll try open my mind up, bit obsessed with this custom virago!
  10. Thanks 4orbes,the early,maybe 2000 to 2002 or 3 had twins, that's why I got the earlier model,I really didn't like the later change to the exhaust so I looked for the earlier model and it also fits my buget better as I am on a pension,the speedo isn't a problem for me as I need to wear the Harley open face helmet because I can't hadle being in a full face,even though it is safer if things go wrong, so I can just flick my eyes down for an instant to check the speed, no different to checking the mirrors,$3000 will get a low milage early model and as long as it's been service as it should it will last forever,( well close to it ). What ever you get you will love it I'm sure. One bike isn't better than another as if it suits you then it is the right one.
    Remember you are only a newbie for a while if you really listen and read all you can and don't ride beyond what you can safely handle.
  11. Welcome to NR, 4orbes. Good luck with the RE test. :)
  12. I'm a bit of a Virago nut. I've had 3 of them. The engines seem to be bulletproof and just keep on going. (although I did have one with problems, but that was because it sat untouched for 20 years). My first bike was a Virago 250 and I rode 10,000 klms on it before upgrading to the 1100. You should be able to get one for around your price range, just check out how clean the engine looks, thats a good indication of how well its been cared for. Good luck with it all. I rode a Honda Rebel 250 once or twice when I was learning as well and if I hadn't chosen the Virago as my first bike then the Rebel was my second choice.
  13. Cheers for the welcome Sheepy. And thank you Ametha Elf for the tip, as I am inspecting this 91 Virago Saturday! Being a fresh newb I need all the advice I can find. This one has 90000ks but it looks clean *newb* the engine and pipes are painted black. I believe I have made the mistake of falling for the first bike I saw. Seller is asking for $2750, but after reading this epic used motorcyle guide here on netrider, I am confident about inspecting and offering a fair price (maybe $2500). What should I look out for to identify a clean engine?