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1st Bike: LAMS & 400cc +

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by BCains, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. Hey All,

    In the market for my first road bike, it needs to be under the LAMS scheme (QLD) and at least 400cc.
    I prefer naked bikes with of a budget of $4500. Not too fussed on age, thou unsure how many kms is too many? (depends on how its ridden, i know)

    Below are ones i've found for sale atm, recommendations/comments welcomed!

    Honda CB400
    Still on the look out, possibly out of my price range

    Suzuki GS500
    04' 56,000kms (a lot for age??) this is through a dealer, rego till Sept.
    $3990 ride away

    Kawasaki Zephyr 550
    94' 40,000kms as per ad it's had a full rebuild (with receipts)
    $3900 which i think is a little steep, could be negotiated i think.

    The CB400 & GS500 i've read a lot about and have no problems buying one
    if i find one at the right price and colour, i've also ridden both bikes so
    its more the zr550 i'd like to know more about.

  2. gs for sure. but why 400+?

    you might almost be able to pick up a semi decent drz400sm for that price which i reckon is the best newbie bike around by a longshot
  3. Better resale but more importably looking to keep the bike for quite awhile and i think i'd get bored to quickly on a 250.

    The cb250 hornet would be the only 250 i'd consider, but they hard to come by.
  4. you will get bored either way, you will upgrade as soon as you can. trust me ;)
  5. Have you considered a 2 stroke? Though smaller in capacity, will most definetly keep you interested for a while..mmmmm 2 stroke power:p

    From memory, cagiva did a naked 2 banger called the planet, but hard to come by though!
  6. Try to stay clear of anything that has been rebuilt by anyone who's work you've personally seen. I've heard of, and seen far too many rebuilds that have been absolute hack jobs.

    I'm with slick - 2nd hand DRZ area.

    How much do XJR400's go for?
  7. kawasaki ER-5
  8. drz400m.

    will be heaps of fun :)
  9. Yeah, very true.

    I think i'd be better off spending a bit more on the gs500 or cb400

    as for the other bikes recommended, i'll have to check them out.

  10. + 1. Better looking and a better ride than a GS.
  11. + 1 again.

    I currently own a Kawasaki ER-5 (check for sale thread - however, he's no longer for sale as I'll be owning two bikes... I can't bear to part with him he's so good!) and he has been absolutely incredible.

    I've ridden many many many different bikes, from learners through to massive beasts, and this boy still puts a massive smile on my face each and every day.

    They are mechanically completely sound, have a very decent amount of power and are well within your budget.
  12. I don't think there are (m)any 2 strokes on the LAMS list. Maybe the RS 125, but no 250 road bikes I can recall, let alone anything over 400...
  13. Was thinking: would be cool if someone with time on their hands did a bit of an annotated and searchable LAMS list, maybe in Excel or something, that enabled searching by dirt or road, naked (and then maybe split further to naked sports vs cruiser) or faired, 2 stroke or 4, number of cylinders, pillion capability, etc.
  14. Could do it for all states but with a way of filtering for a particular state, too.
  15. Something like this?
  16. Thanks for that link, they've definitely made a good start.
  17. Opinions on the Honda NT400 (BROS 400)?
    Not sure on availability of spares/parts when it comes to servicing etc.

    Theres 88' model with only 15Ks for $3990 (dealer)
  18. my 2c is:
    Klx400 (its a kwaka replica of the drz)

    all these bikes will do anything you want under 120 km/h with no trouble. All are naked, so it wont hit the wallet WHEN (not if) u drop it. Proven Bulletproof Mechanics, easily accessible spares(cheap too). Decent and easy maintenance intervals (1200~1500)kms. Also they are total wheelie machines but not too powerful to throw you off the back
  19. IRC the suzuki GT250's/X7's, and older yamaha RD 250 and 400 are on the list... NSW one anyway. Note these are all mid - late 70's bikes, the bikes and parts for them are getting rare these days... not as bad as rebuilding or repairing an 80's/90's honda of kawasaki though!
  20. As noted above, the RD400 is on the list, not to mention the suzuki T500.