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1st Bike in Canberra

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Lucid Mikey, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone, I have just recently started looking into the misses getting her bike license (I'll get mine hopefully not too far down the track) and am having a few issues regarding being in Canberra.
    1. She's pretty much set on getting a cruiser, Canberra laws mean no 650cc limit only the power to weight limit, which bikes would you recommend, I've read almost everyone saying dont bother with a 250cc, but how much is too much for a 5 foot 7 lady?
    2. Canberra is rather limited on bike shops and range but am not keen on a interstate trip for her first ride and also trying a bike not on home turf, any advice?

    All help appreciated, sorry this is VERY NOVICE!
    Cheers, Mikey

  2. At that height I would get her a 250cc cruiser. El250 vn250 hyosung 250 Aquila etc , she needs a low seat height.
  3. don't worry about the 250 nay sayers Ive put 25000Ks on mine since I got it and its been great.

    Never been worried about the lack of power? I use it as my commute and the freeway's are no problems.

    Mines an 1997 EL250 if you get the VN version it has a bigger tank / look (still a 250) they go up to 2007, also consider a similar year virago or Honda V25 custom etc all great bikes
  4. Thanks for that, not ruling out the 250s but heights dont seem too different between 250s and the biggers. Ac50-vl800 for sale has got my attention, seat height of 700mm compared to 685 on the 250s. Just thinking longer term bigger bike might be better.
    Also anyone have advice for financing?
    Cheers, Mikey
  5. I've heard that passing the MOST test on a cruiser is more difficult than on a naked bike, so unless she'll be happy to rent the a bike at StayUpright this might be a consideration. I did mine on a GS500F and it was by far the biggest bike on the day there.
  6. HD sportster.

    She's a girl so won't cop any flack for riding a sporster, and if you are going to get a cruiser you might as well get a real one. The metric cruisers lack a certain something. (Having personally owned one)
  7. Howdy and welcome to the forum.

    Get a second hand Duke 390. Light, most maneuverable and highly addictive
  8. Hey guys, thanks for replies. Not keen on the harleys pretty much on image (anyone seen the south park episode haha) but also pricing. She really doesn't like the sports bike look, there are a few naked bikes she doesn't mind but mainly cruisers. Biggest issue is range in canberra, thinking going to have to be interstate...
    Cheers, Mikey
  9. How about a 2010 vulcan 900? Good price and local :)