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1st bike help!!!!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by rulk, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. Yo guys,
    need sum good advice on a good learners bike. I have sum but not extensive experiance(mainly dirt bikes)so im not so sure what would be a good option for me. I have been looking into these so far:-

    Vtr 250(have only heard good things, but i wonder of i will be bored within 6 months

    CBR 250rr(from what i hear, are a good 250 but insurance will be a killer)

    ZZ-R 250(reliable but boring?)

    Sooooooo yeeeea, thats what ive been looking into so far.

    i am 5'10'', male and diggin the sports bikes, if that helps...
  2. Try search, plenty of info floating about on this one.

    Out of that list, I'd go the VTR...
  3. Get a CBR250.

    It's not the best option out there, not even the best on your list, but I have a suspicion that's probably what you'll end up buying regardless of what's said here.
  4. IMO the CBR250RR too old to even be considered. I'd go the VTR, they'd be as fun as any other 250. If you want a sporty riding position you can fit new handlebars and footpegs.
  5. I'm with jd; bet you buy a CBRRRRRRRRRRRRR :LOL:
  6. I don't get this worry if you get bored sell it and buy another, learner bikes keep their value unless you buy new.
  7. CR500 mate.
  8. You can buy my ZZR250? :p going cheap as it looks nasty from the previous owner, but has been looked after religiously, and my kwaka mechanic reckons im better at looking after it then most are their huge sports bikes, and its 'just a 250!'. :p.
  9. Spadas are good if you find one one in fair nic.
    Zzr's will do commuting, twisties and freeway work. People say "only a 250', but i've done many long day rides without a problem. Good on fuel too.

    What's your budget? Also your size weight may be restricting on certain bikes.
    Good luck
  10. Suzuki Bandit 250 they are lots of fun. I have one for sale if your intrested Its a 93 GJ-74 jap import. PM me for more info if you want.
  11. drz400sm.

  12. Boredom's what you make of it... Or, er, something.

    Yes, the VTR250 and ZZR250 only have 32 or 34 horsies or so. Mind you, the aging CBR250RR only had 40hp itself when it was built.

    If you're only interested in acceleration and top speed, any vehicle will soon become familiar and then boring. Even a Hayabusa or ZX14, some day.

    Where these little 250s (and the DRZ400SM, etc) take the 'Fun' scale to 11 is tear-arsing around the urban environment, redlining 1st through 3rd without losing your license instantly and hassling much much much much much more powerful bikes on the tight twisty mountain roads, where the heavy, ponderous litrebikes can't even put down a fraction of their power before the next corner either due to fear of flying off the road or fear of losing their licence.
  13. I just upgraded from a 2000 zzr250, I haven't had much to do with bikes but have had plenty of mechanical problems with the cars over the years.

    I was filling up every 300 clicks with out fail (commuting plus weekend stuff) I did a big trip with a few others last summer up north along the great alpine Ed, kept up no problems!

    So long as you get something that is in good nik and the chain & sprockets are reasonable you shouldn't go too wrong. They keep up and in front of most cars even ss commodores!

    Insurance is good as it's a sports-tourer, pretty much the same motor as the zx250, and a lighter frame than the gpx250.
  14. Had a ZZR250 and highly recommend it.
    reliable, cheap to run especial on fuel which got me to 370kms most on highway and comfortable.

    All my other mates bought CBR250RRs which all ended up with problems due to age. Yes they might be a little bit quicker than others but at the end of the day you've still got the yellow Loser plate behind.
    And if you're going to commute on it, the CBRs only get 200kms or less
    ZZR to me looks alot better than the VTR with the fairings.
    Have you had a look at the Suzuki Across 250? that thing has a massive storage boot for your helmet and goodies ;)
  15. I loved my VTR 250, thought i'd get bored of it but didnt! has a really good sweet spot b/w 9 & 11,000rpm & nice & torquey for a 250 v twin. very forgiving and fun bike
  16. See what you feel the most comfortable on - all three good first bikes and cant go too wrong. I laid down deposit on the vtr last week as it seemed to give me a bit more room but i am a sucker for the naked look :)
  17. Got a ZZR250. It does the job for now.
  18. VTR250 has a really nice vtwin motor, though abit pricey, your call.