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1st bike and 1 st problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ilovemynsr150sp, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. well first i wanna say hi to every1 on this awesome site...this is my 1st post...after a ride with my dad on my bike today we had a small problem...its a honda nsr 150-sp... normally we start it...let it rev for a bit and then ride off...did the same today but after 10 min of riding the bike didnt look like it was running too well...when we hit low revs and tried to accelerate the bike started to sound really wierd and wouldnt let us accelerate...with a bit of throttle action we hit the 7.000 mark and from there on it was going well again...this happened in every gear...my dad 1st thought that the joke was still on but it wasnt...so what could cause this problem...?? could it be that too much fuel is used by the bike and it cant burn it all? i got it serviced coz it hit the 8000km mark... so could this have had any effect on the bike?? thanx, :p

  2. possibly a clutch or carby problem?

    Easy things first:
    Check there is nothing blocking the inlet to the air box.
    Check the air filter is ok.
    Check the air box is mounted onto the carby properly.
    Check there is nothing down the throat of the carby.

    someone else can guide you from there onwards.
  3. also check the fuel / oil mixture, it thats not right all sorts of weird and wonderfull ( not ) things can happen.
  4. hey thanx for your thoughts on the problem...one question tho...how do i check my fuel / oil mixture? thanx,
  5. ok I dont confess to being an expert on the NSR, but I do know 2 strokes can behave very wierd and even tear themselfs apart if the fuel/oil mixture gets out of whack too much.

    Two strokes need a Fuel/oil/air mix + compresion and a spark to run
    and they all need to be almost spot on.

    To diagnose, a mixture problem the easyest way is to disconect the oil tank or if possable turn if off ( clamp the tube between the tank and carby is the easyest way) and drain your fuel tank.
    Then mix up a batch of fuel yourself , 25:1 I think, but best to check what it should run at
    Then go for a ride, if the problem goes away you know where to look, but if the problem is still there, you KNOW that it cant be a fuel/oil problem :)

    NOTE : if you have to remove the oil feeder tube from the tank to stop the oil flow, make sure you block the open tube to stop the engine sucking too much air
  6. what was the bike like before the service?

    If it changed after the service, find out what was done to it.
    Check the routing of your pipes/tubes of oil, fuel and whatever else to make sure nothing is bent at sharp angles or kinked off.

    When they did the service did they do the piston and rings?

    VTRBob: Don't forget to add a disclaimer that it is advice only and anyone following what you ahve said, you are not responsible for their actions or lack of :) I know you have the best intentions, but you want to make sure that you cover yourself (no offence meant to anyone).
  7. thanx for your hints and tips...and well before the service it ran perfect after a small warm up from low to high revs... they did all liquids, spark plug and gear box oil... i am not that mechanical minded with bikes so should i bring it to a mechanic or would i be able to do that myself?? and another question..what would be the easiest way to check the air filter...its under the tank...should i undo the tank and check it or try it from the side and undo one of the side fairings? thanx guys! :grin:
  8. It's been over 2 years since I last worked on one, so I may be wrong in some (all!?) of this info:

    take the rider seat off, then the fuel tank is bolted down at the back. There may be some bolts holding down the tank at the front, otherwise you can lift/pivot the tank.....don't pull hard otherwise you might damage a fuel tube. Pay attention to what pipe goes to where on the tank, and either move the tank to the side and get to the airbox, or take off the tube going after the fuel switch.

    If the bike was running fine before the service, I would suspect that the mechanic unwittingly did something to the bike (e.g. kinked a hose somewhere/how). If you can go back and explain the situation to him, hopefully he/she will be able to rectify it for you at their cost.

    If you're not too mechanically inclined and don't really have access to tools/mates with knowledge, it may be best to find someone that has that knowledge.

    The checks like the air filter, tube runs, blockages can be done by yourself if you have some basic knowledge of how things work.
  9. thanx for that m8... :p will try that strait away in the morning... :LOL: so the air filter should replaced if dirty rite...standard 1s cant be washed can they?? one more question...i have ridden many 4 stroke bikes bfor but neva a 2 stroke...even after 10 minutes of riding the bike is still really smoky...especially in high revs...9.000-11.000...is this normal for a 2 stroke...thanx for all your help so far :p
  10. as far as i know, smoke from a 2 stroke is normal; but make sure you have 2stroke oil in the fuel. I dont know how it works on an NSR, but for a lawn mower you put a capful of 2 stroke oil for every 5 litres (ie 1:25 mixture)

    And from what i understand, 2 stroke motors are designed to run at full throttle. Obviously this isnt your problem since you had it running fine before your service.

    As for your problem, like what the other guys mentioned above. When you have trouble with power delivery, check your fuel lines, air intake etc.
  11. Again, my memory my fade with this part.

    I think the NSR150SP has a temperature gauge right? Once it has warmed up, it should run fine and smokeless, maybe smoky when you are roaring off the lights using full throttle.

    I remember in the middle of a Victorian winter, even after five minutes of idling, you would be slipping the clutch heaps just to get it off the lights, otherwise it would bog down and barely accelerate, smoke would be blowing everywhere. After 10minutes, she would be riding real smooth, no problems at all.

    Ideally, you *should* be replacing the filter, if it is dirty, you can try to shake, bend do something to the foam to dislodge the dirt and gunk. If you do wash it, make sure it's with water, or plain soapy water only and it is thoroughly dry before you lightly oil it (4 stroke engine oil) and put it back in.

    Good luck and let us know how you go.
  12. I hope not but what type of 2 stroke oil where u running in it. If it was miniral based (chepo servo stuff) and the mechanic toped it up with fully synthetic u could have had a nasty reaction in ur 2 stroke oil making it thicker and causeing piston damage

    suprised no one else has mentioned this but being a thia made NSR check the piston for any traces of a mini sezures or scrapes. Either a compression gauge or by taking the top end off. If ur problem was with the oil delivery it may have done some damage.

    Its not terribly hard to check if u have a gauge. If u dont its a few hours of work pulling everything apart.

    But more often then not mechanics leave things not properly secured that tend to shake loose
  13. I had a NSR250 (same thing 2 stroke) for my first bike. Great bike really fast but very temperamental. When every i had a problem like that it usually lead back to the spark plugs needing a clean. But if they just changed them, they might not have put the spark plug leads back on right.
  14. +1 sparkies, if they are fouling up ur riding to slow(or ur oil pump is set too high) bit of kero and some psi from a compressor.
  15. thanx for all your help so far...well i had a look @ the air filter and the carbie and it looks all clean...i put it back together and i will bring it to the guy who serviced it...coz it onli started playin up after the service :? spark plug leads are fine also...could a alomost empty fuel tank cause this aswell? especially with 2 people on a 150 nsr :LOL: thanx guys, :grin:
  16. Leades not talkin about leads mate. Disconnect the spark cable, unscrew thte spark. Plug the spark back into the cable hold the spark againt the frame of the bike. The hit the kickstarter. If it lights up its good. If it doesnt replace the spark plug. And keep an eye on the 2 stroke injector
  17. +1 on the 2 stroke oil comment.

    What sort were you running, did the mechanic top it up for you? If so, what did he add?

    Yeah, also check the spark plug, remove it have a look at the electrode, what colour is it? Is it really oily and gungy, or is it white and crispy?

    But I think the safest bet is to take it back to the mechanic "you introduced the problem, so find it" :LOL:
  18. hey 1 thing i can answer is that the ownder i bought it off used fully synthetic Belray 2 stroke oil from motobike shops...and no the guys @ the service didnt change the 2 stroke oil...well i just got a new spark plug...so could that b stuffed already...mayb if the put the wrong 1 in? thanhx, :LOL: yeah i will bring it to the mechanic and tell him to find it lol:D
  19. I would fill it up (always use premium unleaded or better) take it for a good ride, give it a bit of a flogging as they say. If it's still playing up take it back to the mechanic. But don't tell them you've been playing with it, they might try and say you caused the problem.
  20. haha :LOL: ok lol...will give it a flogging tomoz after skool:D will c if the problem still persists :? thanx for ya help :grin: