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1st bike: 2011 honda cbr250r

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by toisanact, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone!

    Just picked up my first bike ever, 2011 honda cbr250r 2 days ago.

    (I didn't know how to upload it to a site, so i attached it as a file -__-'')

    Probably not the best idea to buy a brand new bike first up but i worked alot (2 jobs) in my uni break and didn't know anything about bikes so I decided to splurge a bit.

    Gonna be riding her from home (canterbury area) to work (rhodes) to uni (north ryde) and quite often... :)


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  2. Congratulations! It looks great, you're going to have a lot of fun (y)
  3. Living in the Canterbury area u should of got blue and white
  4. Nice colour mate, just looks like a miniature vfr1200, nice.
  5. Definatley needs a smaller muffler. Other than that, looks good.
  6. Agree, it looks slightly 'in ya face' kinda styling, besides that I bet it's way too quiet, but still sweet looking 250
  7. looks like you didnt go the abs version?
  8. price?
  9. Test riding one of these on the 9th, might pick myself up one as well! Let me know how it handles commuting as that's what I'll mainly be doing too
  10. what a neat looking package :shock:!!!
  11. pffft...

    what we really want to know is: how does it go? betcha its awesome round town. Nice and punchy down low?
  12. Did a test drive on last thursday, waiting for ABS version to pick up.
  13. its really good guys, i highly recommend it... i thought it wont be fast but its fast enough especially the acceleration from traffic lights :D

    and i think because its light i can swerve and do tight turns.. feels so cool.but im newb and its my first bike i wouldnt be able to make an objective recommendation :p
  14. Awesome bike mate, enjoy. I wish we had bikes like that when I started riding. We all rode CBR 250 RR. They were already 9 + years old by the time we got them. Still great bikes to learn on. You will have a lot of fun mate.
  15. Hey awesome bike.

    I think i saw you the other day turning in from concord rd to homebush bay drive.
  16. Awesome Bike mate... Congrats and Ride safely
  17. and a great big F* off chain

  18. Hey I think Ive seen you at MQU parked around. I have a black cbr250r, if you see me come say hi :]
  19. II am sort of in the Canterbury area, right on the edge. If you want to go for a ride some time let me know, I'm free most weekends or most evenings. You say it's fast from a stop but I have a sneaking suspicion my VTR has the goods from the lights. I'm still learning too, was planning on going for my Ps soon, so would be good if someone could have a look at my riding a bit. Even if its just to remind me to headcheck!
  20. congratulations on ya new purchase, its definitely good looking bike.
    I live around bexley area & ride an Aprilia RS 125. shall see you sumtime on the road.