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1f y0u C4N R34D 7h15 y0u R3411y N33D 4 R007

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by N1GH7-R1D3R, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. This kinda stemmed from another post so it got me wondering. What is the geekiest/funniest thing you've seen. i'll get the ball rolling with a couple of my all time favourite geek classic (note the thread topic)

    Geek Shirt 1
    Geek Shirt 2
    Blue Screen of Death

    Post up your favourites!!
  2. mmmm, that last one looks nice, should say "press any buttoin to continue", and have two strategically placed button in the err, obvious places :shock:

    Sorry, I shall not incriminate myself by pointing out geeky places that I may, or may not know of [-(

  3. Slighty OT

    ... but thinkgeek.com has to be the world's coolest shopping site, bar none, check out what else is there; my favourite? the coffee mug for computer geeks. It says "No, I will not come and fix your computer"!
  4. thinkgeek.com



    nope.... never been to any of them :^o

  5. talk about think geek its 4:23 am and I'm still awake =\.
    Stuck at this lame lan party with some friends that really thought it would be good.
  6. groan...... lan parties, just exactly what networking WASN'T invented for.........
  7. Indeed... networking was invented for high-speed file sharing; of what you may ask. Well the American government covered it up and said it was for military purposes, but we all know it was for p0rn.

    As for the LAN's; just go fire up Soldat or Q3 and get some silly action happening with 'Whitetown - Your Woman' looped over and over for about 4 hours. Hey Tenoq ;)
  8. The application for the XXX top level domain is approved.

    .com, .net, .org, .au etc, and now .XXX

    Seems .sex was too broad in scope, .pr0n and .p0rn were of course excluded due to being 4 characters.

    Timing is interesting, as Mr Dubya Bush has declared that the Yoo Ess of Ayy? is going to take back control of the top level domains away from iana(?)

    Both could be a great thing, as pr0n is the biggest money spinner on the web, having it's own top level domain may clear up some other domains, and Bush's (and by association, US) arrogance re: the internet ownership may mean the various alternatives that have been lurking around might get a serious run.

    The EU has already said it'll be more than happy to setup a rival "internet". With the way the Dubya's alienating half the world, it'll have a chance of getting a run.

    Of course our own Johny the Rat will side with Bush.

    But hey, I much prefer Motorbikes, and I only use the web at home these days for Bike related stuff , the US is not an important maker or even influence in Bikes, except in sales volume, So I reckon I'm safe for a while 8)
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  11. datalogger for a bomb, eh??

    I should have had one of these for the old Kawa 250 triple, if that's the case!
  12. Yeah, gotta love that WO-RM memory.
    Also a point of humour is on the second page above - the 'bit capacity vs. temperature graph'.
  13. I think Quake 3 to the tune of Bubble Bobble is even better. ;)
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  15. Don't let it worry you matey, Bill Gates is stil trying to get the software right 8)