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19km commute to work

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by DerekL, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. This might be an entirely stupid post, and not an entirely good start for my first post here lol.

    I have a 50cc scooter, I can get up to roughly 70kph on it. I have a 20km commute through the city and then theres a highway (where it gets to 70kph). I've only used the scooter for short trips and never anything this long, would it be a bad idea to be taking it 20km there and back or?..

    Only reason I ask this is because it's literally flat tac acceleration 90% of the time. I just have no idea if it would actually make it haha

  2. Would a bicycle make it the 19kms? Absolutely, and a scooter is faster and easier to ride than a bicycle is it not?

    It's a no brainer to ride it to work, you don't have to try and stay up with the traffic - bicycles don't.
  3. Bicycles have dedicated bicycle lanes so as to not disrupt the general flow of traffic.. especially on highways.

    If you are going to be on the highway then yes, you should try and stay with the traffic. Doing otherwise is only asking for trouble. You don't do 50km/h in a 70km/h zone or you're likely to have someone run straight into the arse end of you. On a motorcycle, this isn't good!!

    Personally, if your scooter can't make the trip without disrupting traffic flow, I wouldn't do it. But that's just me. :D
  4. Postie bikes are 110cc, fully (legally) loaded carry 25kg of mail, ridden at 70kmh where ever it is permitted and are considered by AP to have a life span of approx 50,000km so I think your scooter should be right for your commute.
  5. Was it a genine 70kph you had it up to - or was that just what the speedo claimed it was doing? 50cc scooters are legally restricted to no more than 50kph (though illegal performance mods. are far from uncommon).

    Either way pushing anything to 100% of its performance for long periods of time is never a good idea as far as reliability goes. You also run the risk of drawing attention to yourself from the cops who might recognise that it's only 50cc, and that it shouldn't be going that fast.

    If you're still on a car licence go get a proper bike licence and move up to at least a 100-125cc scooter. You'll quite likely find riding one of those at 70-80% of its maximum performance is much cheaper in the long run both in terms of servicing cost and fuel consumption.
  6. It can be done but its not ideal - I agree with JD, if its only the licence holding you back, get your r licence and get on a 100cc+ scooter. It will be well worth it in the long run
  7. @what others said, cheers. Confirmed my thoughts - was just worried about having it on full acceleration the entire way.

    Was a genuine 70 kph (GPS reading). The speedo was up to the "MPH" (being 100 or so kph).

    I do have my motorcycle L's, I'm guessing that still doesn't let me ride over 50cc?
  8. Well If you have your motorcycle learners then you can ride up to a 660cc as long its on the lams list. I imagine all scoots <=250 would be on the list.

    Dont know why youd wanna commute on a 50cc then!

    See http://www.motorcyclesafety.qld.gov.au/index.php/qt/site/your_licence_to_ride/ for more info.

  9. I do 130 kms round trip a few times a week on a 200cc scooter. Plenty of 110 motorways where I keep it near full tilt, just clicked over 55000 kms and its still going strong. I say go for it. Resale on 50ccs is bugger to none so you may as well suck every last km you can out of it.
  10. Yeah the speed thing might bring you undone.
    That or take a test run on a Sunday morning. Never know till ya give it a go
  11. If it's the scooter thing you're in to, look at upgrading to a Bowell VS125. My mum swears by hers, she rides it everywhere...
  12. A 50cc Sym Red Devil two mates and I used to win the Le Minz 24-Hour a few years ago, and which has since done a six-hour and two more 24-hours, is still going strong. These things run wound-full-open every time they are used on the road and can cope with extended full-throttle running. You'll wear out tyres and belts faster than pistons so long as you use really good two stroke oil and get the transmission servicing done properly.

    Most 50s wind up derestricted in some form and can run to 65-70km/h but I wouldn't be running on motorways as the no-mopeds rule applies, no matter how fast you can make it go. Even an Aprilia SR50, if registered as a moped, is in breach despite that it can do best part of 90.

    Either choose a route composed of 60 zones for your commute, or upgrade. The last suggestion of a Sym VS125 is good, likewise Piaggio Fly 125. Can't go wrong with a Postie either. One of the very best, for me, is the Vespa 200/250/300 four strokes. Exy, but huge fun, and after my CB1300, they feel like 50s.
  13. You are correct, unless you are riding accompanied by a fully licenced rider as you only have a learner bike licence you are restricted to the moped (car licence) rules.
  14. Most 50cc will get up to 70 with derestrictor and mods. But they'll be strung out with nothing in reserve. 125cc is my recommendation, they will cruise at 70-80 comfortably all day, max speed is over 100 but realistically max sustainable is 90 zones but not much in reserve at that point.
  15. get your license then get something with a few more ponies..
  16. If you really want to get a scoot then try out one of those 650 scooters.......those things are a blast.