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1999 ZX-9R Sydney, $ Hot price.

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by waffles, May 20, 2010.

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  1. 1999 zx-9r sold


    '99 Kawasaki ZX9R



    despite web pics, bike is blue, with red frame.

    more pics are here

    A great fun bike, very comfortable and easy to ride quickly, I wish I could keep it but can't justify having it as I rarely ride it (like once every two weeks, and not far).


    Rego till end Jan next year

    Brand new chain and sprockets 1 month ago (RK GXW)

    Dunlop GP Racer tyres with plenty of tread

    Ohlins rear end

    Braided brake lines

    Rear hugger

    Swingarm pickups (and ask me nicely and get a track stand to make chain lubes easy as)

    Pro-Tekk rearsets

    Scorpion bolt on exhaust (and slightly scratched up original)

    Ventura Rack, bag and grab bar (not fitted)

    Bagster tank cover (matching)
  2. Re: 1999 ZX-9R Sydney $5800 ono

    geez... not much interest...

    In case it wasn't clear I'm open to offers, I do want this to go...
  3. Re: 1999 ZX-9R Sydney $5500 ono

    Price dropped to $5500 ono

    anyone know how to change the subject of the thread to reflect that?
  4. Re: 1999 ZX-9R Sydney $5800 ono

    Edit the first post.

    And whoo, that's an interesting choice of frame colour!
  5. Re: 1999 ZX-9R Sydney $5800 ono

    Ahh, the go advanced button. Thanks.

    And yes, the previous owner slid it on a track, so fixed the gravel rash with a powder coating and some new plastics, still straight as a die, and not on revs.
  6. Re: 1999 ZX-9R Sydney $5800 ono

    Unfortunately thread title can only be changed by a mod... that's a software "feature" - each post can have it's own subject title though.

    I'll just remove the price from the title.

    Yeh, I'd say the frame colour is an interesting choice too... great bike though.
  7. Re: 1999 ZX-9R Sydney $5800 ono

    haha I think you did one better than that.

  8. I'm partial to the 9.
  9. ill give you 4k for it :p

    good luck with the sale, nice colours
  10. me too... it is a great bike... I just don't have the time or money unfortunately...

    And enigma, thanks but a little under what I'm looking for...
  11. haha, i know it is. im just trying to stay real cheap with my next bike :p

    good luck!
  12. now $5000
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