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1999 World Superbike (Nurburgring) Oil Spill

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Mendy, Apr 22, 2010.

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    I was watching videos of the Nurburgring and came across this beauty.
    The world superbike in 1999.
    Even thought there is a dangerous oil spill at the end of a straight, the marshals don't wave it, so watch and discover the spills, I mean thrills.

  2. wow, cant believe they let it go on... once you saw 2/3 people go down in the same corner it might actually mean something!@
  3. Ask any overseas rider and they will tell you that standard of flag marshalling is higher in Australia than it is in any country.
  4. That's terrible. srsly what where the marshalls smoking to ignore that.
  5. How good is the Colin Edwards double bird salute at 4:09. All class. :D at least someone is telling them how s**t they are.
  6. Anyone know what came of this debacle? Did the Marshals get caned or what?
  7. bloody lora
  8. I was at that race in 1999. I remember it very well! I sat in the Mercedes grandstand looking on to the area where the oil spilled. They went down one by one.
  9. I moved this to Multimedia, folks
  10. id like to know the reason why the marshalls didnt flag it, clearly as was mentioned it is not coincidental all the riders are low siding at the same place
  11. I've never seen flaggies anywhere else in the world, but they'd have to be exceptional to be half as good as the hundreds I've seen in many places in this country; I've seen yellows being waved before the bike hit the ground, many times (y).