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1999 VTR250 or 2012 CBR250 for learner?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by fatjoez, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. Hi there

    I'm looking for a used bike to learn riding with.

    1999 Honda VTR250 around $3500
    2012 Honda CBR250 around $4200

    Do I pay more & get a newer better bike?
    Or get VTR which holds resale value well.

  2. why not ninja 250 over the cbr?
  3. Voting for CBR 250 because I'm reluctantly selling one ;) : https://netrider.net.au/threads/2012-cbr-250r.146835/

    On a serious note, I personally prefer newer models over older and always EFI over carby. For many those aren't real reasons at all. They are for me though.
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  4. i think they're pretty comparible performance wise... we've got an old VTR and aside from head stem bearings going it's been great, no EFI but starts every time.

    the obvious advantage of the VTR for a learner is NO FAIRINGS.
  5. Good idea, found on gumtree

    2010 Ninja 250 - 19,000KM - $3200

    Cheaper than the Honda VTR & CBR in my area.

    Am I best just going with this then?
  7. you shouldn't ' just be going with anything'

    Get off the internet, go outside and sit on the bikes, turn them on, rev them, take it for a test ride if they will let you.

    Then pick the one you like the most.

    If that sounds like too much effort than i would question your passion and whether riding is really worth it? i mean if your not excited about getting your first bike why get one?

    But for me i would get a naked bike as a first bike, i had a naked, it was a great choice, dropped it a few times with 0 consequences. I wouldnt buy a fully faired bike as a first bike, just not worth it because you will drop it and then you will be very sad. I have dropped my current, faired, bike twice, each time is a terrible painful experience and i hate myself afterwards.

    For that reason i would say your best bets are:

    VTR250 or a Honda Spada (essentially the same bike just older model)
    Honda Hornet 250 (cb250f) great learner bike, one of the best 250's.
    Suzi bandit 250 (gsf250v)
    Yama zeal

    Just get a naked, thats what i would say, cheapest one you can find, keep it for 3-6 months and buy a nice faired brand new bike for your P's, that way you will be able to actually ride to a decent level and wont crash it.
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  8. Between those 2 I would take the newer EFI CBR250. If it was a newer EFI VTR 250 then I would take that :)
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  9. thanks very helpful. i am excited haha

    I searched the bikes you suggested & found one I like

    2001 Suzuki GSF250 Bandit - 63000km - $2390
  10. yeah bandits are great bikes, try to go for one that has a red top motor, that is, the head of the motor is painted red. Those bikes were imported and sold here by suzuki themselves and are generally in better shape. But yeah they are a fun bike, great engine, loads of revvy fun because its a 4cyl, and it makes a great noise with a pipe.
  11. Heres the bike I mentioned link
    Possibly grey import, though priced to sell so not fussed.
  12. As much as red tops are supposed to be better i doubt they are really that much better than imports, both my bikes are/were imports and both were fine.
    @toadcat actually got a redtop bandit for his gf and it had quite a few problems, mostly caused by it sitting for many years with out being ridden, but still it shows redtop doesnt exactly mean trouble free.
  13. VTR every time

    The CBR is a single, heavy POS made to look like a "super sport"
    The VTR is an honest, baby V-twin trellis framed naked little go-er....I'd buy another one in a heartbeat.....
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  14. I know of a very well treated one - less Kms, show room condition.

  15. Lotta K's there.
    Modified too.....if it's been well maintained - no issue,
    If it hasn't - buyer beware.
  16. My vote is the VTR. I currently own one:) got my L's and P's on one and have lent it out to 3 other family members and friends to pass their licenses on because its just that easy. 1 of them had a ninja 250 and while could pass the practice test he occasionally missed the U turn and cone weave where he could do it blind folded on the VTR. It handles much better in the slow stuff than anything full faired
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  18. #18 toadcat, Aug 8, 2013
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2013
    How much do you weigh? Where do you ride the most? What particular characteristics are you after with the bike?

    Without being told what you are after it's hard to recommend anything over another bike. Every bike has their strengths and weaknesses. Other than Megellis which are just total shit.

    Just be honest with yourself about what you're after and then go test ride everything that fits that category. You can only tell whether or not you like a bike once you've ridden it personally.
  19. IMO, if your budget can stretch it, any LAMS with ABS. Then learn it's limitations. When you have more experience and are better informed, then make your own decision on whether you want the ABS.

    After saying that, EU regulations will mean ABS will become compulsory there and we will likely see it flow onto here for all future bikes.

    Another 2 point that reinforce my view on this subject is that I have crashed my non ABS bike practicing emergency stops. I still don't know WTF happen.

    At my P test, 3 out of 4 students had to use emergency baking in real life during the time they held their L. Whether this was their fault or not is debatable, but not many inexperience rider would know the difference between a grab and a squeeze during said emergency.
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