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1999 JDM Silvia For Sale

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Nickers330, May 1, 2011.

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  1. Hi folks,

    I'm selling this on behalf of a relative not signed up herein. After spending considerable time & money on this immaculately presented car, he now needs to sell to place a deposit on a home. I have ridden in this car and for those who want a 'showroom-condition' head-turner, high performance import car cared-for like no other, then look no further. This will impress.


    Nissan Silvia S15, Year : 1999

    ODO : 104 000 km
    This car has full service history, right from the first day it arrived in Melbourne from overseas (Japan) - 2nd owner since its arrival.

    Modifications :
    Many tasteful (and expensive !) mods professionally installed, all receipts available...

    -3 inch Gk tek dump and front pipe

    -3.5 inch Blitz NUR spec cat back

    -Greddy LS spec intercooler kit

    -Greddy Rocker Arm Stoppers

    -HKS 1 bar turbo actuator

    -Walbro Fuel pump

    -3A racing pod filter with stainless steel intake pipe

    -Tein Flex coilovers 8/6 spring rate

    -Cusco strut brace

    -Power spirit rear camber arms

    17x9 +- 0 Sterns with 215/40/17 70 % Potenzas

    18x10+20 Unknown jap rims (imported) with 235/40/18 80%

    -S14 5 speed gearbox with Exedy heavy duty clutch (fitted by Chasers motorworks 3000kms ago with full receipts)

    The car is in perfect condition. The included photos do this car no justice. It is regularly admired by many enthusiasts, garaged and polished regularly.

    The sale will include RWC and REGO and all original/OEM parts will be supplied.

    Sale Price : $ 21,000, ONO. Only reasonable offers considered.
    First to see, will buy !

    Please PM for contact details. More pics on request.


  2. Very nice I have a soft spot for these beasts alongside evos. Hope your mate gets what he's after.
  3. i dont know why people write First to see, will buy !

    Im going to start finding ads that say First to see, will buy ! and go look at the vehicle then walk away :D
  4. hehehe same, I saw it too and as nice as it is can't buy it :p
  5. Goz,
    In exactly the same manner as every single bike I have sold, the first interested buyer who inspected it bought it !
    I can only use this expression here with confidence as I know the person selling this car and have driven in it/inspected it myself...and, although not the car I would buy for myself (approaching 'old man' status here LOL), it is a very powerful and immaculately presented car.
    IF you guys were in the market for a car like this, I'm sure you would then be impressed (and be 'the first to see who buys' :p )

  6. It's a bit like "dropped by the previous owner". Man up and just admit YOU dropped it.
  7. More pics....



  8. Nicko, I'm guessing no 1 has gone to see it yet? :D
  9. Actually, from what I was told, there's been over 750 hits on the ad (advertised elsewhere also) in the first day of it being created.
    Of course nobody has seen it yet mate.... because the 'first to see will buy' LOL (y)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.