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1999 Honda VFR 800

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  1. icemaker submitted a new Showcase Item:

    1999 Honda VFR 800

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  2. Very nice mate, well wear! Was this Pic taken near the Appin water works?
  3. You did get it.
    Will you make it this weekend coming up??
  4. Cheers mate. Pic were taken at Audley Weir

    Yeah finally got one, I missed out on a couple but got a good deal on this one. It's only got 40k km and it's clean as so should last me a while. The sound one these things is incredible, love it. And no more fuel stops after 200km!!
    Unfortunately at this point in time I'm still out, if anything changes I'll definitely let you know.
  5. Ah yes, you will need to give us a review of her soon :)
  6. Lovely, the yellow particularly suits the styling of the Gen-5 model, and the Staintune pipe meshes perfectly with the gear-driven cam noise! Sadly still the old condom mirrors, but that's fixable.
  7. I've alway been partial to blondes. Yeah, mirrors will get changed in time
  8. Looks great, welcome to the world of VFour Hondas, enjoy.
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