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1999 Honda ST1100ABS

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by alan55, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. Not exactly a new bike as such as I've had it nearly six years and I haven't seen another one listed here.

    We bought it in May 2006 from a 45 year old lady who owned for 5 years. It had never been used in the wet until I bought it.


    The bike as it is now with taller windscreen, Saddlemen gel seat from USA and a couple 80mm diam. spotlights


    On a recent trip shopping/fishing to Port Pirie with a classic trailer.

    Specifications ST1100 Pan-European CBS-ABS with TCS (ED-type)
    Engine Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 16-valve DOHC 90° V4
    Bore ´ Stroke 73 ´ 64.8mm
    Displacement 1,084cm3
    Compression Ratio 10 : 1
    Carburettors 34.5mm CV-type ´ 4
    Max. Power Output 100PS/7,500rpm (DIN) (74kW/7,500min-1)
    Max. Torque 11.3kg-m/6,000rpm (DIN) (111Nm/6,000min-1)

    Ignition Computer-controlled digital transistorised with electronic advance
    and Traction Control System (TCS)

    Starter Electric
    Transmission 5-speed
    Final Drive Enclosed shaft with integrated dampers

    Dimensions (L´W´H) 2,285 ´ 935 ´ 1,405mm (with panniers)
    Wheelbase 1,555mm
    Seat Height 800mm
    Ground Clearance 145mm

    Fuel Capacity 28 litres

    Wheels Front/Rear Hollow-section triple-spoke cast aluminium
    Tyres Front 120/70–ZR18
    Rear 160/70–ZR17

    Suspension Front 43mm air-assist fork with TRAC, 150mm axle travel
    Rear Single-side conventional damper with adjustable pre-load and rebound,
    120mm axle travel

    Brakes Front 296mm dual hydraulic disc with Combined three-piston callipers,
    ABS and sintered metal pads
    Rear 296mm hydraulic disc with Combined three-piston calliper,
    ABS and sintered metal pads

    Dry Weight 297kg
  2. One hell of a setup you have there mate, how many kms have you taking it? Looks comfortable enough to ride round Oz once or twice. And a curious question, whats it like riding with a trailer on?

    Again nice bike, good setup, hope it see's plenty of the blacktop ;)
  3. That's a helluva ride!
  4. It had 11500kms when I first got it so I guess it only averaged about 2000 a year until may 2006. It now has 137000.

    Had it's first long ride in March 2007 to Port Hedland via Perth (saw sis on way) Found work up there. Moved to Karratha in May 2008 and moved back here in November 2010. In that time it's done at least three return trips from up there to Adelaide. 8000kms each trip. A few trips to Perth from up there. (3200 return) And that's just the long distance you remember. Lot of cumutting and day/sight seeing stuff as well.

    Trip planned for Sydney in April for OzStoc (Aust. ST Owners) meet.

    Trailer, most of the time you don't even know it's there. Standard trailer stuff means slower take offs, longer braking. We don't rush it with trailer on at about 90kms/hour and still get about 400kms 'til fuel warning light (24 litres used).
  5. Nice bike. My uncle had a dark green one for many years and only recently upgraded... to the ST1300. ;)

    He tows a camper trailer too and has traveled all over Oz on it. Love your setup. :)
  6. Wow i am impressed mate, that is some awesome long distance riding, dont mean to seem naive but i have never seen a bike speedo over 100,000kms before haha. I just spent 2 months and 4500kms around South East asia and that was a hell of a ride, i am just gettin into road bikes back home and looking at doing a fair few kays. I am surprised about the trailer, would probably help stablize the bike at higher speeds. Just curious if you dont mind me asking how much weight are you carrying with the trailer? We had 225kg on a Honda Bonus 125cc in asia and managed 500km or so to 16ltrs (at 60km/h though haha)

  7. Thanks for that. Let him know about the Ozstoc site unless he all ready knows.
    http://ozstoc.com/Honda ST1100 & Honda ST1300 Owners Club/
    if that don't work try this one,


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  8. Never know how much I put in the trailer. We only ever take basics, like tent, air bed, couple sleeping bags, food etc in eski (includes a few bottles frozen water on first trip so we have water when they melt) plus can stuff etc in another container and cooking gear etc. and clothing which might go in a bag on top of the trailer if not enough room. Also varies depending where we go.
    Normally we'd buy food daily but I carry enough to last a couple days just in case...

    I've heard of a few 1100's well over the 200000kms so it's not unusual if you use your bike daily all year

    Can no way afford to but I wouldn't mind doing Singapore to India and back........if I had the cash and a year to do it in. knowing my taste in food I'd starve.......lol