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1999 cbr250rr

Discussion in 'Archived' started by TOADS, Nov 11, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys, the Mr's has stepped up to a new 600, so it's time to part with her little blade.
    It's a genuine Honda Australia delivered 1999 Model with 25,300k's. This bike is in excellent condition. Just serviced - Oil, filter, air filter, plugs, coolant and brake fluid all changed. It has an after market can, near new Dunlop GPR Q10 rear tire. New adjustable levers, bar ends, mirrors and coloured Pro-Bolt fairing bolt kit. This bike is extremely clean and ultra reliable. It starts first time, every time - no exceptions. Will be supplied with spare levers, bar ends, mirrors and indicators.
    She's been very well looked after & I'm keen to see her go to a good home
    $4900 ono


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  2. that is one very very nice 2shitty, rare to find something like that around these days!
  3. here's a few more pics

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  4. and another

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  5. Ok, so five bikes in the shed with a sixth on the way is getting a tad cramped. So, that said
    I'll offer the little blade at $4000 with it's current rego ( 17th Jan 2011) and no rwc
    You'll be hard pressed to find an Aussie delivered bike in this condition, with genuine k's at that price.
    If you're worried about the RWC, I'll put 12 months rego on it and supply a RWC for 4500.
  6. Looks fantastic. I miss my baby blade. Still one of the best bikes bikes to learn on.
  7. SOLD, and to a new girl rider, so another to the fold :)
  8. Congrats on the sale, TOADS.
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