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1999 Calder 2+4 Superbike Crash

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by pvda, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Most people have seen the famous Craig Lowndes crash at Calder Park in 1999 but not many will remember the big Superbike crash on the same day.

    Not to mention the Formula Ford crash the previous day at the same spot as Lowndes (I'm the guy in the blue jacket standing behind the Fire Rescue ute in the from behind angle you can see heading towards the car once it takes off).

  2. Epic crash. were they ok?
  3. I remember the Lowdnes crash, and the bike crash, but I'd not see that FF crash, messy!!
  4. Australian Superbike Championships, I remember that meeting, I crashed in Sat's qualifying, cold tyres coming up the crest, high-sided me .... broken collarbone.

    I've always told race promoters that esses create one-line, causing those type of accidents.

    This pic is the lap before I binned it.

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  5. I got to the car first from below and another marshal from above and we braced in in place while the medics started to work on him (he wasn't well).

    A tilt tray tow truck was quickly dispatched to the access road above the car and the winch cable quickly brought down and connected to the roll bar so we didn't need to worry about the car sliding down the hill possibly taking a few of us with it.

    The next problem was getting him out of the car, onto a spine board and then down to ground level all while working on a 45 degree slope consisting of loose dirt.

    He ended up at the Alfred in Air495.
  6. The memories: I was flying Bob's helicopter in those days and had an aerial view for much of those bingles.

    Nice/sad to hear Barry in the commentary, miss the scrounging git ;)
  7. absolutely, there hasn't been a commentator like 'our baz' since, has there?
  8. I can remember one Thunderdome meeting helping you carry your hand fuel "pump" in a big hurry from the Helipad when the main pit lane racing fuel pump failed mid NASCAR race so the teams couldn't fill up thier fuel churns.

    Do I mention the time we borrowed the helicopter to do some track sweeping for us :)

    Those were the days.
  9. being close to those sorts of events etches itself on your mind; I was at a private practice day at Oran Park one day when a man whose name I still remember killed himself on a sidecar. He blipped the throttle going down into the last corner and the carbies jammed wide open. He was on a kneeler outfit and it charged head-first into the concrete wall. A cop asked me to photograph the scene for the coroner's inquest, and then give him the film. The whole day was a blur after that :(.
  10. Sweeping the drag track wasn't too bad, but the ends of the Thunderdome used to have the blades over the concrete barrier while the skids were 6 feet off the track :demon:

    Then there was the Army fixed wing landing on the pit straight, etc etc. Sorry, thread drift.... ;)
  11. Was a Nomad wasn't??

    I remember having to walk along the pit wall getting everyone back out of the way and when asked why pointed to the freeway end and said "Just watch that way in a few minutes" :)

    I've seen footage of it but cant find it in the usual places on the WWW, no doubt Bob has it in his collection at Calder