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1999/2000 VTR 1000 Problem with clocks

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Not4Resale, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    I've had my Firestorm since October last year and the entire time i've had it, i've had the issue of the speedo start working from cold then stop working for another say 20 minutes then after the bikes been running for awhile, just start working again as normal. The Kilometres don't count up when the speedo stops working.

    Apart from this, there doesn't appear to be any kind of mechanical corrollation of any kind besides it sometimes fires on one cylinder when i start it cold and on the very odd occassion i might be sitting at the lights and it will idle fine then drop the idle to almost a stall then go back to normal.

    It's seen the mechanic a number of times, initially we thought it needed a new regulator but after testing it, they said that it was fine.

    I've had the battery replaced and still have the issue. The mechanic said that there is a heavy draw on the battery, something like 400x what it should be so if i leave the bike to sit in the garage for a week the bike won't kick over. (Well that was the info before today).

    Today I take it in and he did some more tests on it, they were going to order me in a new set of clocks but the mechanic suggested that there is no guarantee that it would solve the problem and it could end up as a bit of a money waster.

    He said that ideally I should try a wrecker or something to see if i could pay them to swap the clocks for a bit to test if that's where the issue is or alternatively swap with a mate who doesn't mind (don't have one with a vtr :LOL: )

    Do you guys reckon this is sound advice? They have the clocks on backorder from japan but if thats not where the problem is, i could well be throwing money down a hollow wishing well...

    Has anybody heard about this kind of a problem on this kind of bike before? If you guys need more info, i'd be glad to post more up, i'm not quite sure if i missed anything.

    Thanks in advance :)

    Geez electrics are a runaround :?
  2. By "clocks" you don't mean time pieces?

    What sort of speedo is it? Electronic/analog or digital display?

    Does the display, if LCD, go blank or does it simply have erroneous readings? Or does it merely read zero km/h?

    If either of the first two, you could start by checking all connections, look for corrosion, buildup of dirt, grease. Get some Contact Cleaner (a CRC product), disconnect them all, one at a time, give them a good clean and reconnect.

    If it reads zero from time to time then chances are that the coupling between the sender unit and the front sprocket is worn and is occasionally losing its drive. There is a nylon nut that fits over the sprocket's retaining bolt which drives the sender unit.
  3. The odometre console (is that the term?)

    Speedo is analogue, the kilometre counter is the only digital part of the console.

    runs fine then needle just drops to zero. After awhile it just goes back to normal and the entire console starts working again.

    Did all this on the outside of the console, didn't get to much of the rest of the bike as i don't really know piss anything about eletrics.

    This sounds pretty plausible, would this make the digital kilometres stop counting up too?

    Thanks for the reply :)
  4. Check the Earth connection to the instrument cluster.
  5. This is where it gets confusing. Does the entire screen black out? ie. stops displaying any sort of information? Or does the digital stuff stop counting and the speedo needle drops back to zero?

    Yes. the speedo and the odometer and trip meter all get their signals from the same source. Having said that if the fault is internal to the speedo unit then either can work while the other is not. eg. needle stuck or something. Or the magnet gizmo that drives the needle has a loose connection and it drops back to zero while the odometer continues to count travelled kays.

    If the speedo drops to zero and the odometer "freezes" but is still displaying, I'd check the drive unit first. It involves removing the sprocket cover and possibly the gear lever assembly then checking the components for wear or looseness or whatever.

    But if it goes blank on you as if it's lost power then that's an electrical problem within the unit, either from a crook connection or crook internal components.

    This is what you haven't made clear. Exactly what is occuring.
  6. Sorry for not being clear. The numbers stop counting up. So yeh the kilometres just freeze and the speedo needle drops to zero. The Rev gauge works as normal.

    This sounds about right

    This is what the mechanic has suggested. All the wires on the Instrument cluster are as they should be. He said if it's not the instrument then he needs to go through and trace the problem.

    Either way, this is problematic for me :?
  7. So does this sound like an electrical problem or does it sound like a loose connection?

    Is new instrument panel overkill?

    Is it a good idea to swap the panel over with someone else in order to test it?

    Is it likely that the mechanic would have not checked something simple like what was stated by mjt57?
  8. Could well be, given that it's an intermittent fault.

    Most definately.

    If you can get a lend of one, sure, and if it's easy enough to swap over.

    In the meantime, I would suggest doing the easy things first. Start with removing the sprokcet cover. I think that this is where the drive sensor for the speedo is. check the coupling between it and the sprocket. It should be a nylon thing with a hex hole in it that fits over the sprocket's nut and a slot in the other end where it fits into the speedo drive unit.

    Or something like that.

    Mind you, it's a bugger of a thing to put back on as you can actually refit the sprocket cover with the drive unit misaligned. If this happens the speedo won't work. You need to ensure that the bits line up perfectly.

    Also, check the wires coming out of the unit and the plugs in the loom. Do that first, I'd say, before ripping it to bits.

    Who knows? We really can't determine what the guy would have looked at. But if he did and dismissed it as the underlying cause then the search for truth may become expensive...

    Good luck with it.
  9. A good mechanic will be able to work out if its the speedo or not, take it to someone a bit better, or perhaps an auto electrician. Is it cable or electric pickup?.

    If its electric i would guess theres a problem with the pickup, given that the signal is coming and going with temperature variations.
  10. Try removing then cleaning the wires/ pickup on the gearbox end for the speedo problem :)

    Your second problem about the occasional rough start up / idle and stalling at lights ?
    Thats no problem, thats VTR's baby,
    Everyone of them has that trait, and people think we are just hoons sitting at the lights 'blipping' the throttle very 30 seconds or so.... it's to clear the excess fuel thats getting sucked in before they get to rich and stall :twisted: