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1998 R1 not starting

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Simon1990, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Hey guys,

    I've searched online and asked several people and had different reponses to what the cause could be.

    I've got a 1998 R1 it is the Carbie model one.

    It was running fine prior to Christmas, I went on a holiday for 4 weeks get back and it will start with the choke on but die after 10-15seconds. (would not start with choke off) Any throttle and it would die instantly.

    Was told to drain tank and clean plugs. So drained tank and put a litre of fuel in and now it wont even start.

    presuming I need the carbs cleaned?
    Any other idea's or do I have to bite the bullet and get it towed to mechanics?
  2. This is without any direct knowledge of R1s but fuel pump? Can you check if it's actually pumping? Does it have a relay or fuse that needs checking?
    The fact that it fired would seem to rule out sidestand or in gear cutout issues.
  3. My dad had a look (he is no mechanic either and he suggested it was fuel pump) weird that it would stop working over a month though?
    I have no idea how to check if it's pumping though? I'll do a google search and try check the pump tonight :)
    Any other idea's throw them at me :)

  4. Would doubt that a dirty carb would stop it from starting all together...
  5. I also have no knowledge of R1 but that wont stop me.Does it or did it have spark,is it turning over.Is the battery charged.If it was any older bike I would pull the idle jets and clean them.A month isn't that long but the fuel these days isn't what it used to be.Check if it has spark.Pull a plug
  6. Did you use Shell fuel?
  7. Ok great, well hopefully thats no an issue then :)

    Battery was fine, It started dieing over the course of trying to get it started so i ended up pulling it out and charging it.
    Ok I have no idea what the idle jets are but i'll do another google search and see what I can come up with :)
    It would have spark if it was starting up? or you mean now it won't even kick over?

    Na I always use fuel from BP on the bike :)

    Thanks for the input guys, hopefully with the advice I can get it going tonight
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    Some bikes have a sidestand cutout and clutch lever cutouts.Have a look at this,it might have seized up.Look for a button type gadget on the bars near the clutch and around the sidestaand
    The idle jet is a replaceable brass bit in the carb that controls how much fuel is used at start up and for the first 1/8 of throttle movement.The are tiny and tend to gum up with whats left of fuel when it evaporated over time.Its an easy job to pull the bowl at the bottom of the carb find the right jet pull it out and blow through it but lets try the easy stuff first.Check you have spark,if you now dont have any action at all and the battery is ok then its just not 1 or 2 plugs.
  9. The bike would still start in neutral though. It just wouldn't be able to change out of neutral.
  10. Sorry I should have said that it will still wind but the engine wont kick over so its deffinalty not side stand cutting it out.
    I presume it wouldnt be plugs because it was kicking over previously but then dieing?

    Ok I have a feeling it could be the jets, I keep hearing that been thrown at me from others aswell. I'll look into everything you guys have suggested.
    Im going to try get a mate to pop around and see if we can have a look at the jets and plugs as I Know ill break something doing it on my own
  11. Watch what your mate does,its good to learn this stuff.Having a few tools helps as well
  12. Deffinatley will watch and see, If he can't make it over I might have a crack myself.
    I've looked it up online and as long as I follow the steps surely I can't break to much :D

    Thanks for the help guys, and if anybody feels like popping around and lending a hand I'll happily throw in a slab for there troubles ;)
  13. Hmm.... I do like beer...... :p
  14. And then we have a golden oldy,are you sure its got fuel.Its surprising how much work gets done before checking the bleeding obvious
  15. Haha your not far from me either ;) I live in Cranbourne, and there is a bottle shop very close to my house (y)

    Yep sure, does, had a full tank, drained it and it now only has a couple litres, but should be more then enough to get it going

  16. Not sure how much help I would be. Probably not worth the beer money lol..

    Have you put a multimeter on the battery? If so - whats it reading?
  17. I haven't, don't have one at home. Might have to get my dad to grab all his tools and bring them around so I can check that out. First things first ill try with the jets tonight and see if that helps
  18. Haha - I'd check the battery with a multimeter before the jets lol....
    One is far easier than the other.
  19. Draining the fuel tank and putting new fuel in, good idea, but that still leaves the old fuel in the carby bowls. Should be a drain screw on the bottom of the bowl on each carby, dump the old fuel/allow to refill and see how you go.
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    I hear the NOS Energy drink is good for cleaning injectors, figure it will work on carbies too?....

    (Don't actually do this..)