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1998 kawasaki zx7r

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pottz79, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. hey guys. been a while since i have been on here. Not much to talk about when you have a suzuki across, however things have changed. Managed to sell my across for the same price i bought it for.
    Picked up a 1998 kawasaki zx7r from a mate. $2G. Very happy. Has some minor paint scratches and needs some clutch work (leaks), needs a really good service and blue slip due to 2 yrs unregstered. has a custom orange paint job, really great finish to it. full stainless yoshi exhaust. braided brake lines. carbon fiber hugger. Really happy with bike, really sad that I still have 3 months on my 'p's left.
    thinking of respraying the bottom fairing black? thoughts? any other good mods to do? tons of little things i have found on ebay. was looking at buying a manual off ebay unless someone can direct me to a site where it can be downloaded? i found one for the across, so was hoping there might be one somewhere.
    It is also missing some covers over the air intake vents under the handle bars. you can see in the pic. anyone know what the exact term is for them or where i can find them?


  2. hehe, I also used to own an Across followed by a (then new) 98 ZX7-R, the Kwaka was pretty hot back then (before the R1 era). Have fun with it, I couldn't live with the back pain nowadays! :)
  3. Wow $2000!!! Thats cheap speed! :twisted:
  4. After $500 worth of servicing, flushing out, pulling it to pieces and putting it back together again, $600 for ctp/rego and $529 to insure it, I am finally ready to ride the bloody thing! Can't wait
  5. :shock:

    Wow mate that it a really good buy for $2G. I am happy as for ya. Have fun out there!

  6. Nice buy, looks great :)

    Sadly 7rs weren't that popular and limited in numbers, so finding parts can be a real PITA, hopefully you'll get the parts you need easily.
  7. if i was in the uk or usa, parts are no dramas whatsoever. just look on ebay and there are hundreds. but you are right, for oz i am struggling. the bike is running, so that is all that matters, i can work on the cosmtic stuff now.