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1998 Kawasaki ZX7R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by modern_ninja, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. hey everybody,

    looking at a 98 zx7r for my upgrade

    I want some "info" about them. Anything you know, I wanna know. Good, bad, interesting, post it up :D

    EDIT: oh, and any cool mods that work well on these bikes too...
  2. I rode my brother's '97 ZX7R for about 6 weeks while my ZX9R was off the road waiting for some parts, it was a great bike. Some people say they are a little on the porky side but I think they still have plenty of power. The riding position is fairly race focused so if you are over 6ft tall you may find it a little cramped on longer rides.

    He never had any real trouble with it and it had about 65,000km on it when he bought it. The only thing that did happen was it blew an oil seal while I was riding it to work one day and dumped a load of oil all over the rear tyre, that was interesting.

    They are well known for their excellent front end, these bikes are great fun in the twisties.

    I say buy one, you won't regret it.
  3. this is what i'm excited about... i've been having endless troubles with the front end on the ninja (and it being a POS)

    the bike i'm looking at has been kitted out as a track bike.
  4. They were serious stuff in the early 90s, but past it by the end of the 90s. Heavy by modern standards but renown for power.

    "kitted out as a track bike" does ring some alarm bells.

    check the front out well and truly. Could be well flogged out. the back not being far behind (intentional).
  5. Yeah, i wouldn't be touching it normally, however i'm buying from friends and i trust them. they've just had a bunch of work done on the bike.

    When you say "check out the front well & truly", what am I looking for? Busted head stem bearing? Rooted front brakes? Fork seals?
  6. They also howl like few bikes ever do.
  7. :D


    Its got a full hindle exhaust :D

    Keep the info coming guys, this is really good :)
  8. So, I had a quick ride around the block on it and decided to buy it. It needs a little work to make it schmick, but for the price, i couldn't go past it :D

    ps. It goes like the clappers.... O_O
  9. Congrats Daniel - I'm sure you'll have tons of fun on this bike.

    So just to clarify - I thought if you are on an R-date licence in SA, you still need to ride a LAMS bike?
  10. yeah, i'm stuck on a LAMs bike until feb... I'm storing Kimmy away for the 7 months. Too good of a deal to walk past!

    but i'm hoping to do some track days :D
  11. I've got a 1996 as my upgrade from the 250 some time ago. I must say you either love it, or you hate it.

    I haven't come across anyone that ums and r's about it. Me personally, I'm in live with it haha

    Best choice over all by far. Looks, sound, seating position, structured for a pillion too and goes niiiice :D

    A word of advice... Don't drop it cos it's frign heavy to pick up by yourself lol

    Good luck mate, I've heard they are pretty bullet proof, so far so good for me. Touch wood (every time I ride it!)
  12. the main impression i got from the zx7r is that your left leg cooks, and you get a little bit of a sore back rather quickly.

    butttt, im still gunna buy one eventually lol
  13. how much is the bike?
  14. Your left leg doesn't get any warmer than the right and so long as you have a reasonably strong back you will be fine, just grip the tank with your knees which will take most of the pressure off your wrists to keep the circulation going :p

    Big seat, big tank heaps of fun!
  15. I realise this is a huge bump but figured there may be more people could add to the info already provided.

    I've been looking for a dirt cheap track bike and found a '96 zx7r in pretty good condition smack in the middle of my price range, 40k+ km's with a bit of rego and appears to have been given a bit of a freshen up.
    Anyone care to comment on reliability, known issues etc? What sort of things would I have to consider forking out for aside from tires etc...
    I realise its not going to be as sharp as newer 600 but considering the huge price difference, I'd be prepared to live with that.