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1998 kawasaki gpx250

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by gpxkermit250, Oct 1, 2011.

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  1. 1998 kawasaki gpx250 *SOLD*

    Second ‘unexpected’ bubbs on the way (oh dear), just started new job with 24/7 shift work requiring use of car which I don’t have yet, time poor to ride for the foreseeable future, need cash to keep life n wife ticking over. Would love to keep the bike, even if it was in storage for a while till the dusts settles but it’s not doable so here we are.

    The bike has been a dream to ride, service, take a million pictures of and clean with TLC every other weekend. For its age and KM’s it is great nic and I love that anyone and everyone turn their heads to cop a squiz when I roll on by. I have added a luggage system that also stores wet weathergear/bike cover externaly which has been life changing.

    1998 Kawasaki GPX 250 - 65,400km. Reg till Feb 2012
    I bought it at 41,000km and had it serviced initially at required intervals by Peter Stevens Elizabeth Street and over the past 2 years In Tune Ringwood.

    This bike has always been a hobby for me with the cosmetic and mechanical care being a Saturday ritual for most of the time that I’ve owned it. At 55,000 Kms I upgraded to engine to a silver ZZR 250 engine from InTune that had only done 23,000kms. The engine bay areas looks amazing with extra chrome/silver engine cover etc.

    A Gearsac luggage rack has been added and to that I have attached a courier style storage compartment to the back. I have converted a Gearsac passenger seat bag to also attach to the rack on the front side as well. To give you some concept the bag easily fits a helmet with room for other items and so does the rear storage.

    Cosmetically the bike has a few nicks to be expected however many years of covering, polishing and caring for the paint and other important parts of the bike has kept it looking pretty awesome for its age.

    Fender eliminator installed whilst keeping existing indicators, plate and reflectors in required format.

    Mechanically I have been blessed with its reliability and it runs and starts very smoothly every time.

    The tires are very fresh. Most of my riding since fitting them (Pirelli Sport Demons) has been a 15min commute along the Monash a few days a week, if that. Plenty of deep tread available across the whole tyre.

    Comes with both luggage attachments/rack, Oxford bike cover, dash watch and bike lock. Since this photo taken the bar end mirrors have been removed and stock ones put back on.

    The is being sold with RWC on request and as part of this will be serviced for you OR without RWC/service if you have your own skills/preferred mechanic contacts.

    $2990 with RWC or $2590 without. If you want more info or to make a reasonable offer PM me. Bike located within 7km of Melb CBD. Only serious buyers who bring a deposit get a look in for test riding. Want bigger/clearer pics let me know. This bike has been photographed more than my first born : )

    Need some bike gear? Im clearing out the lot as well. Will place a thread in other section when bike sells, FYI but let me know if your interested in the meantime. Its the whole head to toe (except boots). Happy to seperate etc.

    Cheers, Greg

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  2. 1998 kawasaki gpx250 *SOLD*

    KERMIT the wonder bike SOLD!
  3. that was quick
  4. Yeah I know!! :)

    The Netrider appreciation for me is at an all time high as the buyer came through a fellow Member seeing my thread and letting his mate know.
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