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VIC 1998 Honda CB600F Hornet - Kensington

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by vahramh, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. Hi guys,

    Not holding much hope, but please keep an eye on my son's bike stolen some time between Saturday and this morning from the front of his apartment block.


    1998 Honda CB600F Hornet
    Distinguishing features: The bike is blue, with red radiator hoses that easily stand out, and gold footpegs
    Rego: 1L5KM
    Stolen from: Gatehouse Drive, Kensington VIC

    VicPol have been notified, but they only took the details over the phone and said thanks. Not sure what else they could have done though.

    He only had 3rd party insurance from Swann Insurance, so it's basically his loss.
  2. fcuking dogs hope he gets it back
  3. The bike was found a few hundred meters from my son's place.

    Somebody noticed an abandoned bike and contacted the police, who picked it up and called my son.

    Given the minimal damage (broken left footpeg and bent gear shift lever) it looks like the thief(s) didn't even start the bike! Probably some kids walked out of Melbourne Cup, saw a bike (a couple of hundred meters from Flemington racecourse), and decided to take turns pushing each other on it, dropping it possibly only once. PITA, but a lot better than not finding it at all.

    Hopefully my son learned his lesson - park in the garage, and lock it! Of course breaking the steering lock is not too hard, but it should stop opportunistic bastards like these. He thinks disk locks are too much hassle, but at least it's less of a hassle than having your bike stolen.

    I'm not even sure what I would do if I was to judge these people. On the one hand, not much damage is done, so it was a seemingly semi-innocent prank. On the other hand, the prank resulted in somebody running late to work, having to borrow somebody else's bike, not to mention the anxiety of having the bike stolen. Still, I don't think that the medieval tradition of cutting off the thief's hand is the right approach :)
  4. great news
  5. semi positive outcome for once, great stuff.
  6. Maybe not, but a kick in the groin would be remembered for a while.......
  7. :] Agreed - that's a properly measured punishment. But frankly, when I first found out about the theft, I became a proponent of more drastic measures.