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1998 GSXR 600

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by wrighty, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. I'm buying one of these in the next couple of days for $3200 it has only done 34,000 and cosmetically is immaculate :grin:

    Is there any faults or things that i should be looking out for with a bike of this type???

  2. Should I?

    I shouldn't really, should I?

    Nah I wont :grin:

    Ummm, thats a very cheap price for that kinda bike dood.

    the 97 models are around the $7,000 mark whilst the 98's are sitting up around $10,000

    You say cosmetically it's immaculate. In order for it to get to 34,000km there should be stone chips in the usual places. If it's that immaculate then I'd inspect it very very very closely.

    Good luck.

    pssttt, have you considered another make of bike ;)
  3. Has a couple of stone chippy's :p but has been babied by previous owner and is a sexy black and silver example of the bike :twisted:

    Only reason i'm getting it so cheap is because the guy is a good mate who desprately needs the cash to go overseas, so the wallets open :LOL:

    SOLD :twisted:
  4. do the guys on fzr250 yet
  5. Yep, but haven't got anything yet that might point out the drama....

    However it is still an infant post so maybe someone might be able to shed more light soon :?