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1998 GSX-R600 Rebuild to Pre-Modern Racer

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by SammyA, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    Though I'd share by journey into rebuilding rebuilding my GSX-R600 into a full time track beast. While I'm at it I'll build it in accordance with the GCR's and spec for Pre-Mordern should I choose to dip my toe in the water and race it.

    To limit the number of photos in the thread, the full detailed story can be followed here: http://premodgsxr.blogspot.com/

    The main reason for the rebuild is the bike has spun a bearing somewhere, and not wanting to blow $$$ on a bike that aint worth much to start with, I thought this be a perfect oportunity for a project and to learn something out of it.

    I enjoy my track days so this will let me dedicate this bike to the track, and another ride is on the way for the road ;-)

    Former glory:

    Fairings, radiator, exhaust, carburettors are now off:

    This weekend will be time to get the engine out, then I pull that down to see what the damage is..
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  2. that was a good looking bike,
    be interested to see how it turns out
  3. cool, will it be ready for next years start to the season?
  4. What does the writing on the right sleeve say?
  5. Perhaps it means he'll paint the Gixxer green ?!
  6. I'm gonna give it a good crack Jimmy, it'll just depend how long parts/crank grinds etc take, but fingers crossed! actually fingers crossed it doesn't go bang once I've put it back together :p

    Cheers, I'll make sure I post some progress pics, gonna try paint the race glass up in the same look/feel as the original

    Hahaha, yeah there is a story to that, first bike was a kwaka, and I was a die hard fan, but then I changed badges, but the leathers are so damn comfortable I just keep wearing them.
  7. Shame about the bearing giving up but looks like you'll be ending up with something better anyway in the form of a dedicated tracker!

    Good luck with the build mate.

    P.s. that was me who had the ding out front of your office last month.
    Bike is a write-off. Massive cheers to you and your co-workers for helping out that day. And especially that lovely lady who brought me a pepsi afterward. Big thanks.
  8. Awesome man! I'm thinking of setting my tracky up for the same class, (mines a 95 ZX6r,) Should be awesome.

    Have I seen you at Braodford before or am I going mad?
  9. Anytime, I'll pass on the cheers to Jo. Bummer about the bike.. Any thoughts yet on a new ride?

    Yeah you have, you're not going crazy!
  10. Awesome man!

    Hopefully see you down there super soon, I'll be there on the 17th ripping it up again. Can't wait!
  13. The R1 is more user friendly. The 'blade is lighter and handles better. For sheer pace, the 'blade wins. For 'How fast can you go on it?' the R1 might be a better option. And the R1 sounds HAWN!!
  14. Lol couldnt have put it better myself kneed and sheeth. Common sense says blade. Eveything else is screaming r1.
  15. Quick update, the engine is now out!


    Took a look in the exhaust ports and noticed something interesting (cylinder 4 (cam chain end) on the left, cylinder 1 on the right):


    I'm planning to take the head off tomorrow and take a closer look at what's going on there

    Detailed story and "click for full size" picks on the blog: http://premodgsxr.blogspot.com/
  16. Looks like I've found the source of the engine knocking. A cracked camshaft journal has allowed the camshaft to jump to the wrong side of the C-ring.


    The cam lobes have then slapped around and made a bit of a mess (hence the knocking noise)


    The search begins for a new head, even better if it comes complete.. For more pics, you know where...

    PS.. Stuff in cylinder 1 was the beginings of a wasp hive!
  17. Ha ha ... wasp hive. That's awesome !!
  18. Yep = insects seem to love bikes.

    I had a wasp hive up under the rear fender on my current project (lucky it was empty) and this weekend I pulled the rear tyre off the rim and found an ants nest inside between the tube and the tyre - still full of ants with eggs.

    Given this bike was imported from USA for me, I probably should have done something about reporting those yankee ants to customs - but I just killed 'em all instead.
  19. It was nice having a relatively free day today. During the week I located a replacement head, complete with cams/buckets/shims/valves/springs. Sourced all the required gaskets and got stuck into it.

    I first cleaned the sump and strainer out, to get rid of any lingering shrapnel in there.
    Then bolted the new head on. re-installed the cams and checked off the valve clearances.

    Here she is all ready to go back into the bike.


    Details of the rebuild: http://premodgsxr.blogspot.com/

    Have a safe xmas everyone!
  20. Great Job man!!

    You've managed to get though this so quick!!
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