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1998 GPX250 or 2006 GT250R?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Gallant, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. Good day Riders,

    Currently I am looking at a 98 GPX 250 with 450,000k on it.
    Comes with 12 months Rego and RWC.
    Seller is asking for 2200. I am wondering with the bike age and mileage, would it be worth the price.

    06 GT250R
    35,000k on it
    Comes with 12 months Rego and RWC.
    Seller going for 2500 min.

    I am 182cm / 85kg on Ls, living in VIC
    Would just ride to shops, Uni and likely some road trips.
    Budget is 2000 to 2500
    Would really appreciate any advise given
  2. I'd show the gpx owner $1800 cash. Great little bikes, better than a hyo mate.
  3. You reckon? With the mileage? The seller was asking for 2500 at 1st. Brought it down to 2200
  4. I'm assuming u meant 45000 klms ? Where are u from ?
  5. Where am I from? Frankston, Vic Seller listed as 444719k
  6. I'd say he's just put one too many 4s in there, if it has done 400,000 go find another one. If it hasn't it's still better bike than the Hyo. They go for anything from $1500 to $2500 depending on condition and mileage. It's a buyers market, you have the dosh and he wants it :)
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    Great advise guys, seems like the scale is towards the GPX. Just wondering what bikes would you guys go for with my budget?

    Just cfm with seller of the GPX 250. The machine did the mileage stated above.

    Any advise?
  8. I'd say with 440000 ks on it he has buckleys of getting 2200. I would look around for a another one if it was me.
  9. 440,000km? how many engines? :D

    maybe he meant 44000.0? the black on white digit at the end is hundred of m, not km
    ask for photo of dash?
    44,000km is ok

    I'm similar size and weight to you, and the GPX's feel comfortable to me.. maybe you have different length arms and legs tho :D
  10. Those speedos only go up to 99999 then they rick over back to zero . So he must be taking the last digit as 1 km and not .1
  11. Yeap, even if i were to buy it, it will be even harder for me to sell it after.

    I was looking online again and saw a 1988 Honda Spada for 1500 with 65,850 km and 3 months Rego
    Any advise?
  12. Buy the gpx were not saying there is anything wrong with it just that the owner doesn't understand how many klms it has done
  13. Looking at the longer term, i am worried about the resale value with that mileage and what i going to add to it. Say you would like to get this bike how much would you pay? 1800?
  14. Neither of them seem like a very good deal to me, if you want a hyo get a newer one like '08 onwards, still shit but the '06 models were teeerrrible, and the GPX is a good little bike but they are getting old and 44,000 is high for a 250. Do you have any other options?
  15. Yes, currently looking at the following;

    Kawa 98 GPX 250
    Rego till Nov 2014
    Asking 2000 w/ RWC
    (no ono)

    Honda 07 CBF 250
    Rego till Oct 2014
    Asking 2750 w/ RWC
    Offered 2200

    Honda 07 CBF 250
    Rego till May 2015
    Asking 3200
    2500 w/o RWC

    Honda 01 VTR 250
    Rego till Jan 2015
    Asking 2500
    additional 450 with RWC

    Any advise?
  16. There's nothing wrong with either a gpx , zzr, or ninja 250. Buy the newest , lowest klm one u can afford. Seeing that ones got $400 worth of rego I think $1800 is a fair price depending on condition of Tyres, sprockets etc
  17. Just an update. Brought a '03 GPX 250 with 20,000k on it and 12 months rego. ;) made it home after a 45 mins ride! hahaha
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  18. Good one mate, don't bin it ;-)