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1998+ Aprillia RS250 VS Suzuki RGV250 VJ22/VJ23

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by shady_knife, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. as far as handling/frame wise which ones are better?

    the rgv's have the advantage of more parts, cheaper but are older... with the last ones been made ~1998 versus the aprillia's which were made up until 2002.

    is the difference bugger all? or does the newer, more expensive bike come out on top handling/weight wise.

    not really interested engine wise, mainly handling and weight...

    i like the more modern looks of the aprilia, and from the sounds of it the instruement panel is better as well.

    but then i plan on doing an engine swap, and apparently the engine is a fully stressed member in the rs250... is that going to be a major problem?
  2. Are you putting a four stroke engine in? Please don't....there are not that many two strokes left. We need to keep them together for future generations as they will never be made again.

    I can answer the question but i can't until you promise to the motorcycle gods to strike you down in turn one if you put a four stroke in a RGV/RS.

    Ring ding ding ding.
  3. the answer is no, its going to be a big bore two stroke.
  4. Good work.

    The vj23 and the Aprillia are significantly better handling on the track than the vj22.

    There are very few common parts between the vj23 and the vj22 and so i wouldnt say the vj23 is a better choice than the RS. In my experience of owning the vj22 Suzuki aren't holding too many parts for my bike. I would have thought they would hold less for the vj23.
  5. so you think aim for the rs250?

    any ideas on this structual engine thing?

    two stroke shop (apparently) gets around this, i'm sure others have as well.
  6. Personally if it was my money I would get the vj23 as my dream bike is a Lucky Strike RGV500 in Kevin Swantz replica colours from the mighty 500cc era. Even maybe a vj22 as it will be easier to live with.

    But its not my money and if your priorities are handling and you prefer the RS looks it would be a good choice.

    Can't help with the engineering.

    Keep us updated.
  7. As I recall, the Aprilia had higher spec chassis, and I think slightly higher engine tune.

    If you're getting someone who knows their stuff to do the engine swap, that might be a further vote for the RS and it's chassis/parts.
  8. well it will have to be engineered, so yeah, i won't just throw it at the nearest qualified person.

    thanks.... definitely aiming for the rs250.
  9. a VJ23 wasn't imported to Australia, you'll only find registerable ones that are here made it via private imports and would be an absolute mint to buy if you could convince someone to part with it. Chassis wise, they look very similar to an NSR250 MC21, but don't know how they handle.

    The VJ22 is very common, search for parts yourself and oyu can get whatever you want/need. It appears that the lower shock mount on the frame has a habit of cracking after 20 odd years of abuse. Easy fix if you have a trustworthy frame welder.

    The Aprilia RS250 98+ is chassis wise better than the VJ22.

    Do a search here for a thread about TSS, they are having a few problems with their bike so make sure you know what you are in for if you decide to follow or purchase one of their kits.
  10. yeah i won't be going tss. cheers for the info.
  11. There's heaps of people doing the conversion on RGV.CO.UK
  12. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suzuki_RGV250

    reading that, does that mean the earlier rgv's where lighter? or?

    and... is 12kg going to make much of a difference in handling... ?

    the later rgv's and the aprilia have bugger all weight differences....

    i guess the other thing is... will i ever reach the potential of either bikes.... this is purely going to be a road bike.... purely for the twisties.... so will the rgv fill the bill? or am i better of spending the extra cash and getting the aprilia? with the money saved i could upgrade stuff.... steering dampener ect..... mmmmmmmmm
  13. The VJ21 whilst lighter has a 18 inch rear tyre which makes tyre choice harder. VJ22 on is 17 back and front.
  14. Test ride them both and get the one that you feel most comfortable on.

    I personally don't think you need a steering damper on either bikes unless you go to radical chassis setups or pushing close to the limit of the bike's potential.

    If you were to spend money on the bike I would spend it on getting the billet powervalves to improve reliability, suspension set up for you, then aftermarket chambers with jetting to suit. Once you feel like you need more power then go programmable ignition.

    You should also take it to the track too, they are heaps of fun, especially at Broadford.